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Wizard's Production Book

Posted: February 20th, 2017, 5:01 pm
by Spellbinder
It started with the Hot Book by Billy McComb (1945), then to an idea for a production of a dove from a book, by the same Billy McComb, through a variety of Flaming Books and Dove Production Books from all sorts of manufacturers (currently from India), each one basically reinventing the same trick over and over. In 1982, Jim Gerrish invented a variation that was different. It was built and exclusively used by his Wiz Kids, but now they have all grown up and gone their separate magical ways so he is finally releasing it on The Magic Nook as "The Wizard's Production Book." It has the flames as an option, it has the dove production as an option, but it goes far beyond that. Instead of producing one or two doves, you can produce as many doves as you have. You can show all sides of the 1/2 inch thick book at any time. If you don't like flames, you can produce a bright flash of light from the book. Or lots of them. You can open the book and allow your floating ball to float off the pages. Later on, you can allow the ball to sink back into the book and turn into a photograph of the ball. There are many more ideas that can be incorporated because the book was designed to be versatile rather than a "one trick pony." It's found in The Wizards' Journal #33.
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