Elevator illusion

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Elevator illusion

Postby JMSWE » June 14th, 2011, 8:36 pm

Hi everyone!
Im thinking of an magic elevator illusion but would need to know more about the illusion before buying one.

I got a video from Bill Smith and the way he uses the cabinet would work good for me on stage but not as good in traveling on tour (modern cabinet style 45 degree stuff you know...). I seen other versions to on the net both performed by Doug Henning and Copperfield as well as pictures of used props listed, but are not sure of metohod (Henning opening his back as well - also seen a prop builed by Guaghan that are open in the back).

Any suggestions? Whats the best method?

If I buy a used prop would the part for "apperence" in the cabinet (before the door/s are opened)be hard to change and made fit me? (I do not know if this is public so I will not write what part I think of, but I guess you know...)

Anything else you think I would need to know.... Tell me!
Pics of yours.... Text... Suggestions... All answers are most appriciated.

All best/John Martin

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