Steve Belchou's Aces

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Steve Belchou's Aces

Postby Paco Nagata » July 26th, 2019, 5:42 pm

This great and popular self-working routine was first published by Oscar Weigle in his “Themes and Schemes” column in Dragon, Vol. 8 No. 6, June 1939, p. 7, as it's said in the great Conjuring Credits Site by Denis Behr. ... _spectator

Well, I have been all my life looking for the origen or creator of the following version, which, in my humble opinion, is just better, but doesn't seem to be as famous as the Belchou's one:

The espectator cuts the deck in 4 piles, takes the first pile and pass one card from de top to the bottom (because it's the first pile) and put one card on top on the other piles. Next, takes the second pile and pass two cards from top to the bottom (because it's the second pile) and so on with the rest of the all four piles. Finally finds the four Aces on top of each pile.

Does anybody know the origen of this routine?

The first and only time I have seen it published was in "Aprenda usted magia" (something like "let's learn magic") by Juan Tamariz (1973), with the title "¡Póker de ases!" (Aces Poker!).

However, he didn't particularly credited it to himself, maybe out of modesty and it's Tamariz's original?
I don't certanly know.
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