Dai Vernon's routine?

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Dai Vernon's routine?

Postby Paco Nagata » July 9th, 2019, 6:52 am

Hello everybody!

Does anybody know if the following routine is Vernon's? It's about the Bob Hummer CATO principle:
The magician writes two predictions in two piece of papers. Shows 8 red cards and 8 black cards. Alternates them red, black, red, black... Hands the pile to a spectator and ask for turning over the top two cards, cut and complete, and doing the same as much as he/her fancy. Finally, the magician take the pile to his/her back as says the number of cards face down or up without looking. Put the cards on the table and prove it's correct. Then, one of the piece of paper is unfolded and it's shown that the first prediction is correct. Next, the second piece of paper is unfolded and it says that the red and black cards will be separated!
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