Blurry svengali video

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Blurry svengali video

Postby performer » October 12th, 2018, 8:14 am

Some of you have seen this but some of you haven't. It is a very blurry video on my website. Since I barely know what a website is and have utterly no idea what it is for I decided to put it on You Tube instead so the entire universe can see it in all its blurriness. I think it is a very useful video to watch since it is the only one around where you can see all the stunning moves that can be done with a svengali deck. There are other better quality videos around showing me working the deck but this is the ONLY one where you get all the fancy moves such as the Stuthard Drop, the Jackie Cook spread, the Lambert Spread, the Walker hand spread etc;

And in addition to all that you can see the Buckley card vanish too in all its glory. The purpose of the video is to sell my most wondrous book on the Svengali Deck which can be purchased here: ... cians.html

Not that I expect any of the useless bunch here to buy anything of course but at least you can witness one of the greatest svengali routines ever. In actual fact it IS the greatest rather than "one of the greatest" but since I am renowned for my modest disposition I would prefer to be low key on the matter.

Anyway here is the video in all its blurry glory!

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