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Punched out gambling demo

Posted: July 6th, 2018, 9:43 am
by Glenn Bish Bishop
Here is part of the story of my evolution of the punch deck. Jack Pyle was my mentor of the punch deal. He did an act of card tricks and poker and bridge deals. After the card tricks he did poker deals using a bottom deal and did several deals where he kept coming up with the same hand. Then he did his close which was his bridge deal and for this he used the punch.

My thing was I used a cull, the Molinari cull that was invented by, Jimmy Cards Molinari. The cool thing about the punch with the cull was that I was able to bring the punched cards to the bottom at anytime. And then bottom deal them. Even if an audience member shuffled the deck or cut the deck. I showed this to Jay Marshall and Jay knew Jack Pyle very well. Jay did not know I was using the punch until I showed him, he wanted to publish it at the time.

Then after several years I came up with the poker deal routine which is a punch cull and stack with a second hand, (a surprise 4 aces ending that could also be a royal flush) as a climax to the routine.

There is very little known in magic about the punch. We have Phantom of the card table, Walter Scotts technique. Ray Grismer's Punch letters. Ed Marlo's Marlo in Spades, and Marlo doing the punch deal using the second deal on for Jack Pyle on the Cardician DVD. And then there was my DVD Punch Deal Pro.

Not much published in magic about the punch. Very rare and I like it because I can use it as a way of controlling cards in gambling demo's with a freedom that you don't get with set up poker deals. In the same style Jack Pyle did when he performed his act in front of an audience.

Here is some video. It is not a stellar performance. I am still slammed with the after effects of my stroke (Dec. 10, 2014), and about 35 years of Dietetic nerve pain. To me it is a wonder I can do any of this at all. And the last two years I have had to re-learn just about everything.

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Posted: July 6th, 2018, 9:47 pm
by MagicbyAlfred

I watched the video. Thank you for sharing it. It was outstanding and I really enjoyed it. You are obviously recovering quite well after your setback in 2014. Inspiring! I'm sure Jack Pyle is proud, and I can see why Jay Marshall wanted to publish it. Jimmy Cards Molinari may not be well known to many magicians - but nonetheless a fabulous card manipulator. You have taken it one giant step further, however, in first inserting the 4 aces in different parts of the pack, as opposed to starting with them on the bottom. Meanwhile, I will just have to be content with my little old multiple shift...

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Posted: July 7th, 2018, 11:33 am
by Glenn Bish Bishop
The reason I worked this out was that I wanted to have control of the four aces and that I could find them at any time. I was performing in a restaurant back in about 1998. I was using the cull that Jimmy Did with the deck face up. I had an audience member ask me why did I shuffle the deck with it face up? In card games you shuffle the deck with the deck face down. Then it hit me.

After I got home, I punched a deck and I worked this out. Then about a week later I worked out a cutting the aces routine that turned out to be similar to the routine called Scarne's Aces. This is a cutting the aces routine where a deck is shuffled by the audience between each ace cut.

When doing a paid performance I use my Puch deck system. The routine knocks out like this... 2 spectators help, I have one shuffle the deck. I cut the aces all 4 quickly... Then They are put in the deck in different spots, spectator shuffles deck. I cut an ace, spectator shuffles deck, I do this till all the aces are cut.

The end.

This gives the illusion that I have complete control of the deck. Being able to cut the aces at will. The, I don't want to play cards with that guy, illusion, because I would win. When I do this in a show, I get offers to go down to the local casino's or go to Las Vegas with them.

I also use my Triumph shuffle cull on rare occasion and my slant on the Steven's cull to cut the aces when I am in an impromptu performing situation and I don't have a punched deck. However in performance of a paid show I use the punch deck. Perhaps I will post some video of most of that routine later today.

Thanks for the kind words... You should friend me on facebook.

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Posted: July 7th, 2018, 11:43 am
by MagicbyAlfred
Bish Wrote: "Thanks for the kind words... You should friend me on facebook."

You are most welcome - well deserved.

I may be one of the few people left not on Facebook. I was for a while, but then, constantly getting hit up by world class card men for advice and guidance became a distraction...

Re: Punched out gambling demo

Posted: July 7th, 2018, 12:50 pm
by Glenn Bish Bishop
Here is a video of my Favorite Way Of Cutting The Aces...

Re: Punched out gambling demo

Posted: July 7th, 2018, 4:22 pm
by MagicbyAlfred
Very nicely done!

Obviously the cliche about magicians not reacting at all to a great trick, when laymen would go wild over it, and magicians being terrible audiences, is regrettably true. I apologize for the lack of courtesy of my compatriots on here.

Is Billy Bishop your dad?

Re: Punched out gambling demo

Posted: July 7th, 2018, 5:43 pm
by Glenn Bish Bishop
Yes Billy Bishop was my dad. He passed on several years ago six years after he suffered a stroke that knocked him out of show business and into retirement.

Bill Malone gave me my first restaurant job. He saw me perform the shellgame at The Jim Ryan Ring. Then he called me at the magic shop, My dads magic shop in Oak Park IL. And asked me to come into Houdini's Pub in Oak Forest IL. Because they needed a guy to work Friday Nights. I got the job and Bill and I became friends. Back then I hung around with, Al Bach, Terry Veckey, Jim Gleason and belonged to the Masda Mystics Club that met once a month at Magic Inc. Those were the days...

Yes a lot of magicians in magic have a problem watching other magicians perform. And a lot of magicians tend to insult, not comment, don't complement and have other ego problems. But that is their problem.

If you want to see my shellgame it is on this video... Not a stellar performance... But after with dealing with serious diabetic nerve pain, for 35 years and the aftereffects of my stroke. Who Cares?

First Web TV Show... Sidewalk Swindles... Please Like and Subscribe...

Re: Punched out gambling demo

Posted: July 7th, 2018, 6:45 pm
by MagicbyAlfred
I thought maybe he was your Dad. Not many people can say that their favorite magician is their Dad. Other than Bill (who, incidentally gave me my first restaurant job, as well - Malone's Magic Bar, Boca Raton Florida), my favorite magician is my Uncle Alfred - my Dad's Brother. He was a superb sleight of hand artist and very charismatic. He had a mystical and magical aura about him. He once showed me a card trick he said he paid $100 for - a hell of a lot of money back in the late 50's. I was tickled by that. But for him, I probably never would have journeyed down the enchanted magical path - the road to no return...

Personally, I think it is sad that magicians don't support one another and boost each other up (not all, mind you, but unfortunately most). I wish more people shared their work on here posting videos like you have. But I can see why many may be reluctant to do so, since they are likely to be met by a deafening silence. We are in a position with this international online forum to learn a great deal from and help one another

You have triumphed over some very formidable challenges, and it seem like you have a kind of nothing-to-lose attitude toward magic and life, which can be a very good thing. I will be tied up tonight, but after I escape, I will watch the shell game video.

Re: Punched out gambling demo

Posted: July 7th, 2018, 7:38 pm
by Glenn Bish Bishop
So Bill gave you your first restaurant job too.... Bill in my opinion was one of the best and most entertaining card magicians that I ever met, in this lifetime. I have not seen him since before and after I lectured in Chicago for the Magic Masters club at Magic Inc. We went across the street to a restaurant after the lecture, and there was Bill Malone sitting at a large table waiting for us and the lecture to be over. Great times...

Speaking of the past years ago I used to post video's here... And yes I and them were shall we say raked over the coals... For the Triumph shuffle techniques cull and stack and my slant on the Steven's cull. Riffle shuffle techniques.

My goals in magic have not changed. I like being able to have an illusion of being able to sit down with members of my audience and look like I would win in a card game of poker. Having the moves work in a real card game is worthless to me. I am a performer. I don't play cards.

So any argument that was said, was worthless because using the moves I posted on video are not for gambling or real cheating. Only to look like I could cheat, to a lay audience as an entertainment.

But they do serve me and make me look like I could cheat in a game... As an image or the illusion that Jack Pyle had when he performed. That is the thing. picking up a deck and shuffling it after they the audience shuffled the deck and running up a hand like the 4 aces anytime in your act. Or a full house, or however the deck is nailed may not be useful to others, however it is useful to me.

Same as my riffle shuffle techniques, useful to me. When I showed the beginning work to my Dad, Jay Marshall, Jack Pyle, Jim Ryan and Don Alan. And they liked it and were impressed so much that they showed me stuff... Who Cares what others think of it or say.

Re: Punched out gambling demo

Posted: July 8th, 2018, 9:25 am
by MagicbyAlfred
I enjoyed the shell game performance. Smooth and clean, the shells themselves were very nice, and the shell under the glass ending was killer.

Yes, I agree with your philosophy that what is important in entertaining laymen with gambling routines with cards is being able to convey the impression of great skill. I mean, as it has been said, perception is reality. There are those such as Bill, Steve Forte, Richard Turner and quite a few others who actually do possess that mind-boggling skill. Being among the ranks of the mere mortals, I have never gotten to that level, nor even really aspired to, although I admire it. I have always focused on the entertainment side, using what modest skills I have to accomplish my paramount goal - entertainment of the audience. Of course, since people don't believe in real magic (most of them anyway), exhibition of skill is a form of entertainment in and of itself. And if one can convey the impression of great skill, he/she has, in effect, succeeded in entertaining in that fashion. Harry Lorayne has often talked and written about conveying the impression of being a great card handler. To that end, he has a number of routines dedicated to achieving the goal of creating the impression of being, as Harry puts it, "the greatest card manipulator they've ever seen."

I have been using a Poker Puzzle. from The Royal Road, since practically day 1 (although, as in Lorayne's version, I end with a Royal flush), with excellent results. If you can do a couple false shuffles sufficient to retain the stack and a false cut or two, then for laymen, you have a miracle (while magicians would of course snicker and scoff). When I first saw Harry perform "The Lorayne Poker Deal," long ago, it made a lasting impression on me. Putting the routine in the context of an entertaining story (which laymen love), coupled with conjuring up the impression of fantastic skill, is a winning combination. Add a smoothly done, entertaining Gambler Versus Magician and 3-Card Monte Routine, and if they haven't seen Bill, Steve, Richard, or the likes (and usually they haven't) then, in the illusion that takes place in their minds, you are, in fact, thee greatest.

Re: Punched out gambling demo

Posted: July 8th, 2018, 10:22 am
by Glenn Bish Bishop
You said, "Harry Lorayne has often talked and written about conveying the impression of being a great card handler. To that end, he has a number of routines dedicated to achieving the goal of creating the impression of being, as Harry puts it, "the greatest card manipulator they've ever seen."

I totally agree with this, and all of the old school performers that I knew as a kid that made a living off doing just magic for lay audiences would also agree.

My Dad used to tell me that my level of skill has advanced way farther than it needed to be for me as a performer or entertainer. He also said, that there is no substitute for skill in magic. And he added when he said that told me when I was young (and reading the first two books on card magic when I was eight years old, Expert at the card table, and Harry Lorayne's close up card magic). To learn as much skill magic as I can because when I grew older I will meet a lot of magicians - and if I was skilled - they can't knock your skill, - and being skilled - they will open up and show you stuff and help you along the way.

He was right for the most part. It took years - but little by little all his his friends opened up to me.

By the way, I fooled ED Marlo with my shellgame ending, in Houdini's Pub (Bill Malone was there). And after that every time I would see Ed Marlo at some party or magicians get together, he called me Mr. Shellgame.

Best ahead...

Re: Punched out gambling demo

Posted: July 8th, 2018, 2:22 pm
by MagicbyAlfred
I have long maintained that a magician who has excellent people skills, a pleasing and charming personality, is great at presentation and showmanship and understands how to entertain, can be a smashing success doing nothing more than self-working tricks.

And it's funny, in my experience, self-working tricks card tricks that are not widely known (I'm not talking here about the 21 Card Trick, the Piano Card Trick or the Circus Card Trick) are some of the best magician-foolers. When magicians have come into the bars/restaurants I work at to "check out the magician," or when I've encountered them at special events, I have had great success with my stash of special magician-foolers. And I don't mean obviously mathematical effects or tricks with long, boring dealing procedures. Sometimes, I can't believe the look of bewilderment on their faces over an effect that was so simple of execution. Or, to hear a comment like, "I didn't even see the move!" I gotta say, it's delightful.

Nice claim to fame fooling Marlo with your under-the-glass shell game denouement! Speaking of Marlo, I have also had some fun passing off his convincing control as the "world's most invisible pass." After 2 or 3 in a row, you can achieve genuine W.O.W. status with it. It won't fool card men, but for intermediate-level and non-card oriented magicians, it works like a charm. And really fun - kind of like games you can play with your cat...

Re: Punched out gambling demo

Posted: July 16th, 2018, 8:48 pm
by Glenn Bish Bishop
Just FYI...

Here is the link to where you can order both my DVDs.

Tested Card Works For Card Shark Magicians is $15.00

Punch Deck Pro is $25.00

They accept credit card or Pay-Pal.

I am producing a new DVD on the shellgame, Three Card Monte and the chain of Chance called Sidewalk Swindles. It should be ready this month.

Re: Punched out gambling demo

Posted: July 17th, 2018, 10:33 am
by Glenn Bish Bishop
The punch was and still is a hush-hush secret. I learned the punch from my mentor Jack Pyle. He is on this DVD doing his famous bridge deal. He suggested I get the book Marlo in spades because the punch routines are in there.

The only other DVD I know of that has some punch work is Rd Marlo's Cardician.

When I showed my early work on the punch cull to Jay Marshall, he was quite impressed and did want to publish it in book form.

Here is where you can order both my DVD's.

A Review From Ron Kaye
Ron Kaye who is a top card expert on card magic and card sharp technique and was close friends with Ed Marlo, Carmen D'Amico, and "Senator" Clark Crandall and is a close friend of Harry Lorayne as well as other top card men in the USA.

Glenn Bishop, The Punch Deck Pro, DVD-4

First I'm going to tell you why you shouldn't buy this DVD; then I'm going to tell you why you're probably going to buy it anyway; and then I'm going to talk about why this information should not have been released to the general magic market; and finally I'm going to stop whining as I thank the pasteboard gods I was able to see this DVD before I died!

There is probably some pimply-faced teenaged card nut in England or (heavens!) New York who never published a card book, never won a close up competition, and never performed for pay for a tough crowd of laymen, let alone putting their reputation on the line in their *own* DVD, who will think 'Oh, yeah. There he goes again raving about Glenn Bishop when everyone knows *I* am the only person qualified to judge anybody.' Well, sonny, let me clue you in on a big secret -- this Punch Deck Pro DVD is way above your pay grade. If you don't know who Glenn Bishop is, then Google him. (Do I have to do everything for you?)

He starts off the DVD with a request, and rightly so, that you do not use the information for cheating at cards. The reason you should not buy this DVD is because the material is so strong for misuse at the "friendly" poker game with very minor modifications. The consequences of these actions, whether you get caught or not, are sooner or later disastrous. If you don't believe me, then please don't buy this DVD. I'm doing you a favor.

Here is why you are probably going to buy this DVD no matter what I say. If I asked you to look over your card magic collection and list those books or DVD's or cocktail napkin notes you would consider "The Real Work," how long would your list be? I've got so much stuff I trip over it, but I can count on the fingers of one hand monster card work I consider the real work-- and three of those items were shown to me in person or were "private" manuscripts you could only buy from the individual creator. (God rest your soul, Eddie.)

Everyone knows if you want the best on mnemonics, you go to Harry Lorayne. No question. If you want the best on the riffle shuffle, you go to Marlo's trilogy on Riffle Shuffle Systems. And if you want the best on the punch deal, on the punch deck, you can now go to Bishop's Punch Deck Pro DVD.

So why would you possibly be interested in the punch deal? I'm not going to tell you, but if you must know, look up Walter Irving Scott's "The Phantom of the Card Table." I will say that Bishop's approach gets away from the "rolling thumb" giveaway. He also tips critical subtleties for you second dealers out there (you know who you are).

As an observation from just watching the DVD, you can now stop singing "Necktie Remedy" when dealing seconds. Which brings us to the issue of why this material should not have been released to the general magic market. Glenn Bishop has teamed with Jimmy "Cards" Molinari (middle name spelled C as in Chicago) and devised a devastating extension of the punch deal into a "punch deck" technique.

Watching a number of effects using the Bishop/Molinari Punch Cull, for most of them I found myself muttering to myself "Oh, ... my... God" and "I really ... can't.... stand it" and "Could somebody .... please.... just shoot me." Since this is supposed to be some kind of review, I probably should describe some of these effects and their impossible conditions. But I just can't, and won't, do it. I don't know what Glenn is selling this DVD for -- I heard a rumor somewhere around $30 or $40 dollars, but material like this should only be available to established cardicians either for free or for $500.

Yes, I'm serious. I know you don't agree with me. Nobody else does either. But why would you practically give away material this strong to the general magic community. I mean, I feel honored Glenn sent the DVD to me in the first place, because I'll tell you something -- I'm not worthy! While watching the Punch Cull for the fourth time, I was burning incense.

There are some things each one of us secretly prays for. Maybe the Cubs will some day win the World Series. Maybe some day we'll all have peace on earth. Maybe some day a mild-mannered card guy will revive the glory days of the Golden Age of Card Magic with something that's not derivative, but a great improvement with something new and exciting -- with some principles you can really build upon and use your own creativity to develop even more incredible effects.

Some people don't care for mildly effusive reviews such as this, so to those I say "It's a good DVD. I liked it. You might want to buy it."

Ron Kaye, Cardician
February 15, 2006
So who is Ron Kaye?
He's just a guy who can do the 21 card trick (plus a few other things).

I met Ron Kaye at the Houdini Club Convention a year before I released this DVD. By the way Ron Kaye's gambling magic techniques are fantastic. Just for fun here is the review he wrote just after that Houdini Convention.

Re: Punched out gambling demo

Posted: July 18th, 2018, 7:54 am
by Al Schneider
I have been going through this thread. Really nice.


Re: Punched out gambling demo

Posted: July 18th, 2018, 11:52 pm
by Glenn Bish Bishop
Al Schneider wrote:I have been going through this thread. Really nice.


Thanks Al, here is another video on my you tube channel. My best poker deal. Inspired by Jack Pyles Bridge deal.