Sol Stone: QUICK & CASUAL CLOSE-UP video

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Bill Duncan
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Sol Stone: QUICK & CASUAL CLOSE-UP video

Postby Bill Duncan » February 9th, 2002, 7:45 pm

Anyone seen this yet? I'm chomping at the bit! I've been curious about Mr. Stone since the publication of COINMAGIC.

Click here for a listing of the contents if, like me, you haven't seen it yet.

Also, if you have seen the video/dvd or know Mr. Stone (Richard!) what routines on it are your favorites?

Sean Macfarlane
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Re: Sol Stone: QUICK & CASUAL CLOSE-UP video

Postby Sean Macfarlane » February 9th, 2002, 8:50 pm

Me too.

Tom Dobrowolski
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Re: Sol Stone: QUICK & CASUAL CLOSE-UP video

Postby Tom Dobrowolski » February 11th, 2002, 8:45 am

From today:

Source: Meir Yedid Magic

Great News! This much anticipated new release featuring Sol Stone, a New York close-up legend, whose coin magic has inspired generations of coin magic enthusiasts is in stock and shipping. Available both on video and on DVD.


Sol Stone has remained an underground figure in the New York magic scene for more than 50 years. Although many of his routines have been published in various magazines and books, very few magicians have ever seen him perform.

His magic is quick direct and visual. His technique is superb and he has a "soft touch" which helps make everything he does seem very magical.

This video/DVD features some of his favorite routines with coins, chips, pins, sponge balls, ropes, balls, and finger rings.

Includes performances and explanations to: Fusion Fission, Tenkai Quarters, Vanishing Eagle, Cointemplate, Chaperone, Ring On, Ring Off, Acupuncture, North, South, East and West, Jarred Coin, Purple Cow, Knot For You, Just Gone, Elusive Sponge, and The 51 Cent Trick.

Many professionals have added these routines to their working repertoires--we are sure you will too. Hosted by Gerald Deutsch. Original release date: February, 2002. Running time: Approximately 75 minutes.

Special DVD Features:
Performance and explanation to the Patriotic Poker Chips
Instant access to 31 scenes
Superior video quality
Superior Dolby Digital sound
Interactive menus
Multi-region encoding for worldwide viewing

Cost: VIDEO US $29.95 or DVD: US $34.95 postpaid in the US.
For more information or to order visit:

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Re: Sol Stone: QUICK & CASUAL CLOSE-UP video

Postby steve » February 13th, 2002, 7:21 am

Yes, I have the Sol Stone DVD. I can say that I was very disappointed. Not in Sol Stone, but in the production of the video footage. The issues I have are the following:

The camera angles are horrible. In the performance footage, the viewpoint is off to the side, so you don't ever see the retention of vision effect when he vanishes anything. In the explanations, the camera frequently switches angles at critical times. Just when Sol is about to give you “the move” in detail, the camera switches to another angle which doesn't show the move, and then, it often switches back, like they realized it was a worse angle for the shot, and by then, the key move has passed by. The angle from the backside when things are being shown is about 1 foot too low. The back of one hand sort of gets in the way with seeing what's actually happening. The quality is excellent. The pictures are super crisp and clear, but I was very disappointed that the angles were not far better.

As far as the material, Sol's stuff was excellent. His moves are unlike anything I have ever seen and there are some things shown that I have never seen as far as sleights. You guys may be familiar with them, but I was not. I can't understand why footage was used of a sponge ball routine. The “I hold one, you hold one” routine where both balls show up in the spec's hand hardly seems worth putting on film when such a pioneer and skilled worker is in front of the camera. Where's the one-handed palm change? Where are the great moves we wanted to see? Instead, I get just enough to keep me happy, a sponge ball routine, 2 tricks with a Scotch and Soda type set, and a ring on a pen trick.

Don't read this wrong. The footage is great on the coins. In fact, I would buy it again just to have that footage. But I was disappointed that it wasn't more material that he's so capable of sharing with us.

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Brian Marks
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Re: Sol Stone: QUICK & CASUAL CLOSE-UP video

Postby Brian Marks » February 19th, 2002, 1:37 pm


I have seen Sol do this with laymen and they are always fried. When I visited Sol in the hospital recently this is the trick he was showing his doctors. I guarantee this routine is a good one

Kevin Baker
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Re: Sol Stone: QUICK & CASUAL CLOSE-UP video

Postby Kevin Baker » February 20th, 2002, 11:50 pm

Agreed. The ring and pen routine is extremely strong - simple, direct and very deceptive.

Jeremy Medows
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Re: Sol Stone: QUICK & CASUAL CLOSE-UP video

Postby Jeremy Medows » February 22nd, 2002, 8:02 am

The ring on pen routine is amazing. Perform for a real audience a few times before you make up your mind on this treasure.

I haven't yet ordered Sol's tape, but I've seen him perform many of the routines on the tape and they are wonderful.


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