Wallet maker

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Wallet maker

Postby magicmelville » December 26th, 2016, 1:36 pm


I received a job lot of old wallets for Christmas. I recognize most of them as I think early JOL''s. Though there is one that I don't recognize. It is almost square 4 1/4 tall by just over 4 1/2 long (wallet closed). Heavy grained black leather with gold metal corners and gold finished metal stud clip. It is, I am assuming a No P... wallet with the entry point set vertically near the center on the rear of the billfold. it has a vertical zip inside center, with room for 4 credit cards either side of center. Room to store rear of credit cards.
If the above description sounds familiar to anyone I'd appreciate knowing who made it. It handles great and has great stitching, so I feel it could be a JOL.
Sorry, no facility to post a pic.
Any news please PM me.
Cheers, Dean

Though I did think it might be a Roy Roth

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