Bill to Impossible Location

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Jeffrey Korst
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Bill to Impossible Location

Postby Jeffrey Korst » December 5th, 2016, 11:30 pm

I've seen a version where one tears out almost a quarter of the bill (including the serial number) as the "receipt" given to the spectator. The corner, of course, then matches the found bill. I'm trying to ID the title of that effect or method of tearing the bill.

Does the description ring any bells?


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Re: Bill to Impossible Location

Postby oskar » December 6th, 2016, 7:52 pm

Sounds like Bill-Sational by Ted Lesley & Gaetan Bloom.

This is one of the best ideas for a magician or mentalist. "Bill - Sational" is more or less a "REPEAT BILL TRICK" with a big difference! Imagine this: You borrow a banknote from a spectator and tear the quarter with the number on it from the bill, but the spectator can help you in doing this! The torn off quarter is never switched and the spectator can keep it. The bigger part of the bill is vanished with any method you like and it can turn up for example in a lemon, which was on your table right from the beginning of the show. The bigger part of the banknote is compared with the piece the spectator holds, and it matches it perfectly! Then you ask the spectator if they want to see it again. Of course the spectator wants to! You then take the main part of the bill back from the spectator, he still holds the quarter with the number (remember NO switches!) and you vanish the big part of the banknote once more. Then you point to a small box on a nearby piano. This is opened by another spectator and he finds the bigger part of the bill inside. You have never been near the box during the whole time! The second spectator himself can read out the number of the bill and it matches, of course, the number on the quarter of it, which the first spectator still holds! You can repeat the trick the whole evening, if you want.......! The secret is simple, direct and bold. Working performers will like it, we are sure. For mentalists the trick is ideal for demonstrating "teleportation-effects". Ted Lesley did it recently in Japan for the press and he "hit" the front page!

As it happens I have this available for sale if you are interested.

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