Soapbox Derby >> downloadable magic e-zine!

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Soapbox Derby >> downloadable magic e-zine!

Postby Conus » February 3rd, 2006, 5:06 am

Soapbox Derby is Gregg Webb's new e-zine available at FEENX.NET for only $2.99 per issue.

Each month features great new tricks with cards, coins, unusual props and off-the-wall gimmicks. Regular features also include mentalism and bizarre magic.

Only $2.99 makes it extremely affordable to collect all issues!

Visit Soapbox Derby at for this month's issue.

Issue # 1 features:
  • No Other Card Quite Like It! (The spectator selects a card from an otherwise blank deck!)
  • Lead In to Wallet is a great card to wallet routine with a unique twist you can begin using today!
  • A newly revised version of Doug MacGeorge's acclaimed 30 Second Memorized Deck. (A great mentalism showpiece.)
  • Also featured in this issue are musings, previews of upcoming columns, and a thoughtful article on Equivoque.

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