Bill Malone's Scarne's cutting the aces

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Re: Bill Malone's Scarne's cutting the aces

Postby Steve Bryant » October 31st, 2007, 6:13 am

Bill has a new ace cutting routine (Marlo's Miracle Ace Cutting) on his Here I Go Again dvds that fooled me badly and then made me realize I had been fooled even more than I thought when he taught the method. No breaks, no crimps, no breathers, no marked cards, you just cut to the aces and show that the cards above and below the ace are not other aces. I had considered his previous dvd set to be the best instructional set I own. Now I feel cheated to learn how much great stuff he left out of it. Both sets are must buys, whether you want to learn the stuff or just have fun watching him do it.

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