Any Way You Count 'Em--source?

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Any Way You Count 'Em--source?

Postby Henley » May 24th, 2009, 1:09 am

Hello. Could anyone tell me the origin of this effect? My late grandfather taught it to me 30 years ago, and I'd like to get some clue as to where he learned it.
I never knew the name, but I've seen it described under this title on the web in a few places, with no crediting.
Long story short: it's a mathematical self-working card trick. At the end of a procedure involving piles of cards and counting, the number of cards left in your hands is equal to the value of a yet unseen card on top of a remaining pile.
Sound familiar?

Jim Maloney
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Re: Any Way You Count 'Em--source?

Postby Jim Maloney » May 24th, 2009, 10:48 am

I know that a version of this appeared in The Vernon Chronicles, Volume 2. In the credits of "Card College Lighter", which contains another version of the plot, Roberto Giobbi had this to say:

"The Vernon Chronicles, Volume Two: More Lost Inner Secrets by Stephen Minch, Tahoma, CA, 1988, page 131. Vernons 'Affinities' relies on a mathematical card trick that is centuries old."

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