Barely Chewed

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Barely Chewed

Postby ChastainCriswell » February 12th, 2009, 10:25 pm

I woudl like to announce the release of a DVD / Magic Effect! It is my own creation and I would like to let everyone know about it. Barely Chewed is my take on the chewed and restored gum and wrapper. This is the coolest version non "gaffed" I have seen to date because it requires no real chewing of the gum and you can do it 4 times for only 35 cents or less. It's a great close up effect at a great cost. I don't have paypal currently but am working on getting the account restored. But until then please visit MBE Magic Products to review some of my other great effects to be released shortly! Also the re-release of Deface is now out with DVD so take a look at that as well. Thanks yall

Chastain Criswell

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