FS some older Tenyo

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FS some older Tenyo

Postby bobtee5 » January 11th, 2019, 1:28 pm

Selling some older Tenyo, USA sale only with PayPal. Prices include USPS shipping. If interested, let me know. email rtysl@wideopenwest.com.
Bob Tysl
1837 Syracuse Ave.
Naperville, Illinois 60565
Phone: 630-420-2139

Confined Cubes T-250 $50.00 English Packaging/Instructions, used only a few times. All works perfectly. However, I broke the stick so the stick is 1/2” shorter. The reduced size stick still can be used (both pieces are included). Also included is another stick that I found which can be used and is close to original length.

Krazy Keys $60.00 T-178 English Instructions. Keys are in plastic CD type container. No other other packaging. Never Used new condition.

Credit Surprise $40.00 T-224 English Packaging/Instructions. The gimmick frame/panel has been changed so it is removable. This allows one to trace the to be cut card using the outlined jagged line. The routine is then altered as described in Tenyo book volume 2. This allows a cut portion to remain on top of the gimmick and be removed. The routine is stronger than just showing a vanished portion of the card. All works fine.

Impossible Pen $45.00 T-183 English Packaging/Instructions. Works perfectly. However, I really don’t know how to put all the pieces back into the plastic clear container. The container has tears and I think it best to not include the container and instead wrap the pieces separately.

Diabolicus $60.00 T-153 English instructions. No packaging. As others have stated, it is not that easy to read, although the marks are there, I think it helps to have it in a bright light and maybe looking from the side. I am 76 and my eye-sight is not that good.

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