smoke/fire/sparks from hand items

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smoke/fire/sparks from hand items

Postby magicbar » November 24th, 2015, 4:54 pm

I'd like to get some input here sine it has been awhile since visiting a magic shop.

I'm looking for an apparatus to produce smoke, fire, light or sparks from the hand [or object of choice] during a performance. I figure I will be spending between $50-200. I'm not thinking of flash paper or pro-glow [or pro-glo]. I am looking for something that has longevity, meaning, if it needs refills that I will be able to buy them for a long time from purchase date. Since I am doing bar/intimate performances I am concerned about the need for sleeves, a table top, overall sense of being compact, repeat/reset time, sound when discharging and smell of the discharge plus other restrictions such as # of times per fuel/energy supply. Color options are secondary. Ease of use is essential outside of set-up. Versatility is important since I may use it as smoke from hand or smoke from something I handle. Also if I can vary the amount of discharge but I realize that is the least of controllable elements in any item available on the market. I use/have used d'lite and flash paper, Kikuchi fire in hand gimmick, a small hand cannon using flash paper and small mirrors reflecting against room lights. I am roughly familiar with other apparatus but would like to know my current options.

When responding please let me know first what the effect is: spark, light, fire, smoke, etc., then the benefits and restrictions. Cost is secondary because I have my price range. Thank you in advance....

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Re: smoke/fire/sparks from hand solutions

Postby Renoire » December 14th, 2015, 1:18 am

Hi MagicBar (if that IS your real name - what was Mom thinking/drinking)

Kidding aside, here is a great little products review (3) all about your question of SMOKE from the hands during a performance.

Look for another review on the FIRE aspect and you will see Ekaterina burn (need I remind you of the idiom?) her wrist badly - possibly because of inexperience using the device, but fire is always risky. Remember the flash pot fiascos? Too much, Too little? Not enough.

You did mention working "I am doing bar/intimate performances I am concerned about the need for sleeves" - the flame shooting device will require sleeves to hide it since it is attached to your forearm by means of an elasticized armband. Methinks the 2nd device seems to just ignite and then eject flash paper... Check for a New version they call mini Pyro - it may be just perfect for your requirements. Be sure to come back and post the best links in your reply so we can ALL play :-)

Good luck in your search!

ps: Just thinking - MANY bars and restaurants now prohibit any thing with open flame and many previous places have new rules about anything open flame. Better to ask??
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