Intuition ACAAN

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Intuition ACAAN

Postby brad12d3 » August 17th, 2014, 1:49 pm

Intuition ACAAN is a new approach to a classic plot. It provides a very relevant and personal experience for the spectator that is missing in many ACAAN effects. It is also very clean and easy to do.

Check out the trailer here:

Here’s what people are saying:

“Congratulations. You did more than a mental card trick in here, something difficult to achieve in average performances of ACAAN.”
Pablo Amirá

“What I like about this ACAAN is that there is a REASON, a MEANING for the spectator. The plot connects to the spectator and you can clearly use basic cold-reading / mentalistic / Turner-ish approaches to justify and introduce your ACAAN effect (and also help you for a specific thing). I recommend this, of course, to any serious ACAAN lover !”
Dorian Caudal

“It's very clean and hands off, and after learning the memory work involved, its actually fairly easy. Definitely worth a look for the ACAAN lovers!”
Matthew Mello

Here are some bullet points:

- Absolutely no sleights.

- No dealing from the bottom. It will always be from the top.

- There is some memorization and math, but this is what it amounts to. Can you memorize these two numbers…. 4 and 3? Now when the spectator gives you 3 random numbers can you subtract the two largest numbers, So if they said 2,6,8.. could you subtract 8-6=2 in your head? Can you then compare your answer and check to see if it’s a 4 or a 3? You can? Great! That’s all the math and memory work you will have to do! That information just told you if they need to remove the jokers or not.

- The magician will never touch the deck after the selections are made.

- The spectator cannot examine the deck afterwards however you will be able to fan a decent portion of cards and show that they are mixed well.

- The spectator will never see more than one deck on the table. So you won't pull out a second deck and deal from that one instead, or anything like that. They see one deck on the table that the performer never touches. They pull out the cards and count down themselves.

- It will always be 3 numbers and they will always be a free choice. The suit is also always a free choice. Nothing is forced.

- Includes free bonus ACAAN effect "Entanglement" ( ) that is a completely different and unique approach from Intuition.

Intuition ACAAN will be available exclusively through Murphy’s Magic very soon!

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Re: Intuition ACAAN

Postby brad12d3 » September 17th, 2014, 7:07 pm

Now available through Murphy's Magic: ... x?id=54377

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