Carney Returns locked too soon!

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Jim Riser
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Carney Returns locked too soon!

Postby Jim Riser » July 27th, 2014, 2:46 pm

I fear this topic was locked prematurely. As one who creates and markets items, I would like to know exactly why folks seem to feel it is their duty to try to tell someone else how to run their business. John's material is his and he has a right to keep it to himself or market it as he sees fit. If I want it or feel that I need it, I am free to purchase it - or not. These wannabee business advisers should be glad that John produced the material. Instead, they want to tell him how to run his business. And exactly what have they produced? If anything, did these folks feel free to market their work as they desired?

I recently bought a CAD-CAM software. It is powerful, does what I want, and is thousands of dollars less expensive than the usual software for CNC work. It was all downloaded - no physical anything. The installation is based upon the computer serial number so that it can not be freely spread around (ripped off). I am happy with it. I can live with the software company's marketing process without crying about it. There is nothing new about product restrictions. Nor is there anything wrong with product restrictions.

For years I have heard the guys that I will not sell to criticize my marketing. News Flash - I do not give a damn what the bunglers and forum dwellers think. I put part of my life into my creations and who I share them with is my business. Since I can not keep up with the work, I must be doing something correctly. I make items for real performers and want them in the hands of real performers. So I restrict sales. It works for my clients and me just fine.

It is the same with John's material. How people might want him to deliver "the goods" has little to do with what is being offered. John is not selling physical objects. He is marketing ideas/thoughts based upon experience/success. None of us are going to live forever. John's material and delivery system will most likely last the rest of my lifetime. One must decide if learning has value and, if so, are you willing to pay for it? It is as though magicians want to get the material in a form that they might be able to resell and thus obtain the wisdom and experience of John for practically nothing. Once again, the term "cheap bastards" seems to apply to magicians.

Buy John's work or not but please do not try to tell him how to run his business. Sheesh.

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Re: Carney Returns locked too soon!

Postby mrgoat » July 27th, 2014, 2:59 pm

No one was telling him how to market his products. He doesn't need to market them. They'd sell themselves.

People were pointing out that in 2014 drm doesn't stop piracy and punishes legit customers. But it seems he only chose that ridiculous system to help out his chum. Which is fair enough, and his prerogative. Maybe he doesn't realise how pointless and annoying such things are. So people pointed out the litany of technical misinformation he was posting as an excuse to use it.

And the thread was locked by the board owners because they wanted to stop the conversation. So it's not really that clever a look to go against their wishes, is it?

Also, tl;dr.

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Richard Kaufman
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Re: Carney Returns locked too soon!

Postby Richard Kaufman » July 27th, 2014, 3:24 pm

I locked the original thread because the conversation didn't seem to be progressing in any thoughtful manner.

John has made his position clear. I personally think he would sell many more copies, and make a lot more money, if he sold a physical product and stopped worrying about piracy, which is something that cannot be stopped at this point in time.

I produce far more product than John, and I made a different choice. But as Jim notes above, it's John's choice in this case, and anyone who buys his product has to follow that. I think it's a shame because John is a brilliant magician and I would like to see his thinking spread among as many people as possible in the magic community, and see him benefit economically. By choosing this particular system of delivery, he has cut off a great deal of customers, both to their loss as well as his own.

And now this thread is locked as well.
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