Steinmeyer's CONJURING August 2016

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Steinmeyer's CONJURING August 2016

Postby keeper » September 13th, 2016, 9:59 am

I've been playing with the August submission "My Word". If you haven't seen it, its a wonderfully scripted effect that is as clever as it is entertaining. While practicing I realized that one word in the quotes "IN" is not contained in the decoder quotes. I'm very glad I discovered it in practice and not while performing. I have since double checked to see if any other words were omitted and "IN" is the only one. I have two possible solutions.

1-Insert the word in the first decoder quote so it reads. "Beware in mankind's logic....."

2- Since its the only word missing if the spectator says that they did not see their word you have a bonus effect. You can put the cards aside and read their mind directly joking with them that they tried to trick you by choosing a small word that doesn't show up everywhere....then proceed to reveal the word. The nice part about this is that it removes the cards from play and it becomes just the mind of you and your spectator for the conclusion of the effect. It seems like you are doing something even harder for the last reveal.

Since I already made the cards up I'm going with the second alternative :D . Well that and I think it pluses an already great effect and keeps with the spirit of it as written.

I realize that this might not make a lot of sense for those that haven't read the effect and hope it intrigues you enough to re-visit another of Mr Steinmeyer's amazing contributions to Genii.
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