Horse Sense Max Maven April 2011

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Horse Sense Max Maven April 2011

Postby MerlH » August 8th, 2011, 8:46 am

If you have not tried Horse Sense, do yourself a favor, make it up and try it out. I have tried the older versions and this outdoes them all. The theme does not make it look like a card trick and the changes mask the principle perfectly. I originally tried it out at Ring 334 in Myrtle Beach, and no one had a clue!!!!!!!!!!! It now has a place in my show. Even for a children's show, if there are 4 adults there, I use it. Without an exception, after the show, someone comments on it.

I made one small change to make it easier on myself. Each of the 4 card packets are written in a different color. No one really realizes this because they are only looking at their own cards. This makes it very easy to set up and makes sure the cards are in their proper packets. The remainder cards are in a fifth color.

THANK you Max, for a real worker

Merl Hamen
Carolina Shores, North Carolina

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