Typo in June "Exhumations"

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Typo in June "Exhumations"

Postby Dustin Stinett » May 28th, 2024, 4:09 pm

Hi All,
In the June installment of Jon Racherbaumer's "Exhumations," there is a typo in the Set Up. The Ace through King are 21 thru 33 (not 34).

The important aspect of the setup is that there are 20 cards above Ace thru King stock and 20 cards below it, with the pencil dotted Joker on the bottom.

Our thanks to Bob Klase for spotting this error. (Hi Bob! Long time!)

I have also found out when doing this trick, do not say "about in half" when telling them to cut the cards. Just say "in half" or even "as close to in half as you can." The cut must be inside the stock. If not, you are in trouble.
Sorry for the confusion,

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