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Mr. Charming

Index for Magicana 2015

Postby Mr. Charming » January 21st, 2016, 2:29 pm

After the month is the subject of the cover, for easy identification.

I take the oportunity to congratulate Andy for the excellent quality of Magicana. Keep up the good work!


Dec - Marvin Berglas
"Hofzinger", Chris Beason - the ace of the same suit changes into selection
"No Motion Assembly", Benjamin Earl - quick Ace Assembly with one hand
"Arca", Apollo Riego - coins travel to card box

Nov - Martin Gardner
"Technote", Noel Quarter - idea for making duplicate bill w/ phone picture
"All About Perception", John Guastaferro - 4 cards. When anagram is reversed the 4 cards change
"Royal-O-Cation", Lorayn - royal flush production
"Yet 2", Yosef Kovacs - selected card vanishes between the queens and the queens change back color

Oct - Shim Lin
"Interactive Triumph", Eric Hu - good triumph
"A new ending for Slydini's Paper Balls to Box", Peter Lentini
"Kill Bill", Fritz Alkemade - fusion of 2 bills
"Bermuda Aces", John Guastaferro - 4 ace production

Sep - FISM
"Ring on Chain", Curtis Kam - ring penetrates chain
"Crossed Thoughts", J K Hartman - double coincidence in written card
"Littleton Switch", Kyle Littleton - card switch

Aug - Andy Gladwin
"Andy Gladwin"
Undo Cut - False Cut
Collect Me Quick - Collectors
Jack's in the box - trick w/ 2 cards, vanish into card box

Jul - Tomas Blomberg
"Tomas Blomberg"
Daunting Deck - Haunted Deck
Joseph Kerr - predicción c joker
Stem Spell Research - rubberband through stem glass

Jun - Stan Allen
"Red Herring", Benjamin Earl - self working out of hands card force
"Skold Production", Tommy Skold - pen production
"Eswin's Moving Hole", Eric Eswin - moving hole in paddle
"1/4 Transpo", Patrick Shlagel - signed coin transpo

May - Steve Spill
No Magicana this month

Apr - Asi Wind
"Switch Blade", Eric Richardson - 3 phase card stab
"Bargain Prediction", Chris Wardle - [very good] prediction of the price of a suit w/ change
"Thanks to Forte", Joe Barry - in-the-hands gambling routine

Mar - Woody Allen
"Cointeger", Koudai - Coin splited into 4 and merged
"Surface Tension", Chris Beason - coin through paper cup
"Tamed Change" - color change

Feb - Joshua Jay
"Stessel's Zapped", John Stessel - five indifferent cards change to a royal flush
"Prace Peek", Jeff Prace - card peek w/ deck in box / rising card
"Journey Through Boston", Gregg Webb - routine w/ Boston Box: production of coins and transpo

Jan - Walter Roulfo
"SCASN", Chris Westfall - "Random Chaos" card at any number
"Pseudo-Glide Monte", Justin Higham - three card monte with card to wallet finish
"In Clenched Fist", Jonathan Friedman - three phase coin through hand

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