The Perpetrator, by Gordon Bean

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The Perpetrator, by Gordon Bean

Postby Guest » August 6th, 2006, 12:22 pm

The tricks section in the Alan Slaight issue is a book in itself. One of my favorite effects in there (although probably all of them are my favorites) is The Perpetrator. At last, a simple and elegant way of doing "Encore", the spelling trick by Frederick Mosteller that appears in "My Best". Gordon uses a regular deck and a remarkable stack. The deck is out in the open the entire time, no switches. The only thing for me to mention is that it would require fake cover, to make it more mysterious. Taking cards from the deck while same is in the performer's pocket is still, to me, interesting.

Also, there are added features. At the end of the routine, if one transfers cards from top to bottom instead of dealing to the table, the deck is fully stacked. Annemann's $1000 dollars location could be used here in the process of destroying the stack.

A great contribution.


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