simple idea for ultimate poker interchange

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simple idea for ultimate poker interchange

Postby Guest » July 6th, 2006, 10:22 pm

I love the routine, but the whole elegance of the routine is somewhat swept away by the mexican turnover move you're required to do. Doing a move that doesn't work on all surfaces WHILE you are in essence, being burned, just doesn't work for me.

So why not skip it?

Go through everything up to the point where you have to add on the indifferent card during the riffle shuffle. just don't add it on.

Now, you can DL to show a king, deal it to yourself, then a card to the spec, DL for another king, and keep on going for all four cards. You end up in the perfect position without having to use that odd mexican turnover move.

This seems like too basic of a change to have not been thoguht of, so the mexican turnover is probably there for some reason I've yet to notice. Whatever the case, I've been using it this way and it has been stunning.

Thank you Mr. swain for such a beautiful trick!

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