Tom Stone Article

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Tom Stone Article

Postby Ricky » April 15th, 2010, 9:20 pm

I read in a forum lately (can't remember which one)that one of Stone's columns had a description of a cardboad sub trunk. Magician stands on cardboard box with crushing it and exchange takes place. Can any tell me which issue that was in?

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Joe Pecore
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Re: Tom Stone Article

Postby Joe Pecore » April 15th, 2010, 9:39 pm

It's in April 2009 (with Andy Nyman on the cover)
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Geoff Weber
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Re: Tom Stone Article

Postby Geoff Weber » April 19th, 2010, 10:21 pm

Its not so much a cardboard sub trunk as a trunkless sub trunk...

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