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2016 MINDvention mentalism convention

Posted: September 1st, 2016, 2:07 pm
by Danny Archer
MINDvention is the only open mentalism convention in the US and it's coming up this November 13th - 15th in Las Vegas, NV. The special guest of honor and recipient of our Lifetime Achievement Award is Rick Maue.

For one night only, Rick Maue is coming out of retirement to present his show, “A Fine Li(n)e” at the 2016 MINDvention in Las Vegas. As many folks know, most of Rick’s time is spent battling a series of serious medical conditions. However, as a major part of his ongoing therapy, Rick created this very unique play, and he has been performing it in a very intimate parlor setting in his own home.

“A Fine Li(n)e” is a tasteful blend of autobiographic monologue and mentalism. As Rick says, “The show is certainly more Spalding Gray than Derren Brown…but both art forms are treated with great respect and presented with pride.”
This will be your only opportunity to see Rick perform “A Fine Li(n)e”…unless you visit him at his home in Pittsburgh. So make your plans now to see his show in Las Vegas at MINDvention.

This year, in addition to the lectures on effects and techniques by performers; Ted Karmilovich & Menny Lindenfeld (plus more to be announced) we will be focusing on the business and performing sides of mentalism.

Jamie Salinas and Robert Allen -The Business Side of The Seance Business.
Mindpro - Business Techniques for Mentalists
Bill Gladwell - Finding and Booking Your Show into Theaters
Willam Rader - Promoting your show and how to sell tickets
Joshua Lozoff -Theatrical Techniques for Mentalists
David Gerard - Performance of Mentalism
Plus more presenters to be announced.

There will also be two workshops being offered the day after the convention.
Bob Cassidy will be holding court in Jack's Irish Pub and I can promise you three full days of mentalism and business and performance techniques for mentalists. More info on our website... MINDvention

Re: 2016 MINDvention mentalism convention

Posted: September 2nd, 2016, 10:39 am
by Danny Archer
Thrilled to announce that I won't be the only Archer at MINDvention. The master of comedy mentalism John Archer, will be joining us again. John is not only very funny, but his mentalism effects and methods are first rate. I know we all learn and laugh along with John.

John is on the road and I will update the website as soon as this busy working pro sends me his promo.