The Japan Cup - Japan Magic 2016

Paul Critelli
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The Japan Cup - Japan Magic 2016

Postby Paul Critelli » October 25th, 2015, 8:29 pm

What if . . .

. . . I told you that you could go to a three-day Close-up Magic convention in Tokyo, Japan and all it would cost would be about $3500.00?

You’d tell me to get back on my medication.

But . . . what If I told you that for about that price you would

ϖ Spend a total of eleven days in Japan
ϖ See some of the incredible sights of Tokyo by day and night (Magic bars and plenty more . . . )
ϖ Take some day tours to fantastic towns and sights outside of Tokyo (either by the fastest and most comfortable trains in the world or private coach)
ϖ Spend one night in an authentic Japanese inn (Ryokan)
ϖ Stay in incredibly clean and comfortable 3 – 4 stars hotels in Tokyo
ϖ Dine on some of the best food in the world at a Magic party and award show that is the climax to three-days of a Close-up Magic convention that YOU will have the opportunity to PARTICIPATE in as you have NEVER participated in any other Magic convention
ϖ Meet some world-famous Magical superstars
ϖ Become friends with people from Japan and a few other places called “the rest of the world”
ϖ Have the time of your life . . .

Well, now you might say,

“Tell me more, Japan Lover!”

. . . and if you are interested in this great convention and great experience (March 16 through March 27, 2016), drop me an email at: with Japan Magic 2016 in the Subject line. I will reveal more . . .

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Richard Kaufman
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Re: The Japan Cup - Japan Magic 2016

Postby Richard Kaufman » October 25th, 2015, 9:48 pm

That's a fantastic price considering that it normally would not even cover the airfare and hotel.
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Paul Critelli
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Re: The Japan Cup - Japan Magic 2016

Postby Paul Critelli » October 26th, 2015, 12:28 am

Yes, I thought so, too. Basically it includes the flight to Narita and back, transfers to the hotel at the convention site - very nice place; convention registration; rail pass; stay at an inn; some meals (you know how generous our hosts can be), and rooms in, probably, two hotels. This was the ballpark figure given to me by this great Japanese travel agent who books most Magicians going there. Some folks MAY want a significant other to go ONLY to the shows and a great party - that would be about $100.00 less. The convention is unlike many American ones, and this year I am planning on introducing some special events - especially if we can get some Americans to go. Then - and the details will be worked out once we have some interested folks - we are looking at staying at that hotel OR going to another Tokyo hotel as a "base of operations." Seeing some sights in Tokyo for a few days and nights; then some "day trips" either by Japan Rail or some coach. I want to not have to move more than once while in Tokyo. As for the Japanese inn - details to be set but that will be a nice experience for the group. We will stay on longer, but the group will then spend a day in Narita City (lots to see there) and stay at a great hotel near the airport, and leave on 3/27/16. At this point, we just want to see how many have any interest, and we are NOT looking for a large group as the plan is to have this be very individualized for new visitors to Japan. Looking for individuals and couples who are not "wild and crazy," but our hosts will show them what hospitality means! Anyway, thanks for your comments, Richard. Paul Critelli

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