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False Anchors Vol. 1 Ryan Schlutz

Posted: July 10th, 2017, 4:16 pm
by Jeff Pierce Magic
False Anchors Volume 1 is the first of 5 volumes of effects (cards) using the principle Ryan calls “False Anchors”. Ryan explains False Anchors as “You are creating a moment they anchor to as important even though, in reality, it is fictitious.” or as I like to call it “leading them down the garden path.” I’ll get to the effects in a moment, first, what you will get. False Anchors is a 6x9 comb bound book with 36 full color pages with over 40 color photographs. Quite a few are of Ryan performing for the Big Blind Media girls so how can you go wrong there. Ryan’s writing style makes reading and understanding the effects a breeze. The sections called Additional Tips and Further Thoughts are a welcome edition with a little bit extra to drive the points home. There are three (card) effects along with a couple of moves and a couple of short essays (thank God!). So let’s get into the three effects, they are:

Strange Gift - A borrowed deck, color sense routine using NO memory or special tools.
Air Transpo - A visual, card transposition that happens in mid-air.
I Love You - An impossible location on steroids.

First let me say that I know Ryan well so I’ve seen these effects before, as he was working on them and if you are aware of Ryan’s other work, you will know that he likes to take a strange or little know principle in card magic and fool the crap out of magicians with it.
For instance in Strange Gift, the magician take a talon of cards under the table that were selected and shuffled by the spectator, and proceeds to separate the talon by color without looking at the cards. The first time Ryan performed this for me I admit it fooled the crap out of me! That’s because as a magician I was trying to figure out all the possible methods including a stacked or memorized deck (False Anchor) when it turned out to be a much simpler idea that never crossed my mind. He then followed it up with a version of Out of This World which diverted the heat from the color sensing portion of the effect. I like it!

Air Transpo is by far my favorite routine out of the three because it creates a “What the @#$%&!” moment for your spectator when the two cards transpose, seemingly in mid-air. I love this!

The last effect I Love You, while a great trick, suffers in my opinion from a terrible title, an iffy method and too many variables that need to happen for it to be successful. Don’t get me wrong, in the perfect situation and location this will fry them. Also I don’t like Ryan’s method of revealing the chosen card. Up until this point the selection and control is undetectable and impossible to back track, the reveal needs to be just as impressive. I like this a third of the other two effects.

I’m glad to see Ryan getting back to publishing his ideas in books rather than on DVDs. It’s a joy to sit and read an effect as it allows me to attempt to get into his mind and understand his thinking behind the methods. To me that’s where the magic really is!

Re: False Anchors Vol. 1 Ryan Schlutz

Posted: July 13th, 2017, 9:26 pm
by Jeff Pierce Magic
One correction, this manuscript is 6X9 Perfect Bound not Comb Bound, otherwise the review stands.

Jeff Pierce