Cross by Agus Tjiu

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Cross by Agus Tjiu

Postby MagicOrthodoxy » January 20th, 2015, 7:56 pm

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Title: Cross
Creator: Agus Tjiu
Publisher: Self Published
MSRP: $40
Skill Level: ALL
DVD Run time: 5 minutes

Type of Trick: moving ink trick

Manufacture's Write up:
The spectator freely choose any random card, and signed it with a permanent marker. Then magician write on an "X" on the back of the signed card. Watch the "X" mark magically move to other spot. It happens inches away from you without cover or other funny business. After that you can give the card back to the spectators and leave them completely astonished!

How accurate is the ad copy?
Very honest - they basically list all of the things that it isn't, leaving out the one thing that it is. (but what is IT?)

In the Box
Instructional DVD
Gimmicks for both a red and blue deck

Key points:
The effect happens under the most minimal of cover - if any!

My thoughts:
Before I even knew how it worked, the gimmick "worked" on it's own when I was opening the box and it startled me. It looked like magic with no magician!

Is it well made:
Very well made, this is a very creative utility/gaff.

Is it well taught:
The DVD is only 5 minutes long and 2 minutes of the DVD is the performance. With the single camera shot explanation there is no audio track (there is however a repetitive loud music track that I muted) only English subtitles, but it's pretty straight forward. You're only being taught how to do the "move" any additional handlings or performance options are left to you to create.

How are the production values: Moderate

Overall score: 7/10

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