Joined by Dario Capouzzo & Titanas Magic

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Joined by Dario Capouzzo & Titanas Magic

Postby MagicOrthodoxy » January 16th, 2015, 9:17 am

Title: Joined
Creator: Dario Capuozzo
Publisher: Titanas Magic
MSRP: $30
Skill Level: ALL
DVD Run time: 34 minutes

Type of effect: Torn and Restored Card

Manufacturer's Write Up:
Looking for the easiest, yet most visible and practical methods for a torn and restored card? Dario Capuozzo has created an elegant solution to prior T&R's that you are going to love.

What's in the box?
Only the DVD you make everything else yourself

Key Points:
No magnets, no threads, no sticky tapes or glue.

My Thoughts:
This is the T&R you've been looking for all your career and it's the one I now do every time I perform.

Is it well made: YES! (well you make it, so its as good as you make it)

Is it well taught: It's very good, the unsigned routine is BETTER and more factual to the add copy than the signed version however, just an FYI

How are the production values: Dario is not an English speaker, so the entire DVD is silent with English subtitles, but it is filmed with excellent vantage points and is easy to follow.

Overall score: 10/10

* I'd love to talk about this one if anyone has comments or questions - this is truly my favorite T&R now.

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