Ye Olde Magic Mag by Marco Pusterla

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Ye Olde Magic Mag by Marco Pusterla

Postby Tom Frame » November 12th, 2014, 5:42 pm

Ye Olde Magic Mag, Issue 0 (Digital magazine) by Marco Pusterla (Free!)
8 pages, 12 photographs
Available at:

Lovers of magic’s rich history, take heed! Marco Pusterla has launched, “the first fully digital magazine dedicated to the history of magic and to magic collecting.”

The magazine’s mission is, “to be the vehicle for these smaller, shorter, not sufficiently deep investigations that don’t deserve a space on Gibeciere or on Magicol but that may give somebody important information.”

Issue 0 contains bite-sized articles about Robert-Houdin, Houdini, Thorn and Darvin, the recent Potter and Potter and Martinka auctions and the Roxy Award for Research on Magic History.

Mr. Pusterla writes pretty well. Unfortunately, the text is plagued by numerous typographical and syntactic errors.

The photographs are clear and complement the text.

Mr. Pusterla designed the magazine to look, well, old, and it does. An old school font is used on pages that resemble aged paper. The look is simple, but appealing.

The digital magazine can be viewed on your computer and portable devices. For readers craving a hard copy of the magazine, it is designed to be printed on U.S. letter-size paper, while maintaining the integrity of the design.

Mr. Pusterla also offers a small quantity of numbered, hard copies of each issue. If you buy one of them, you also receive the digital version.

He plans to publish four, 12-14 page issues per calendar year. His web site doesn’t indicate how much future issues will cost. Perhaps he will enlighten us?

I thought Ye Olde Magic Mag was interesting. I enjoyed it and I look forward to future installments. Will it cause your rope to rise? Well, download the free issue and decide for yourself.

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Marco Pusterla
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Re: Ye Olde Magic Mag by Marco Pusterla

Postby Marco Pusterla » November 13th, 2014, 3:59 pm

Hi Tom,

Many thanks for the nice review: the prices for the digital and for the print editions are on the last page of the magazine, inside the "editorial box" at the left hand bottom corner. They are, respectively, £5 and £9, and the latter includes worldwide postage. You're not the first one to miss the prices :)

I was a bit surprised by your comments about typographical and syntactic errors: I think that there may have been a couple of phrases that could have been written better, but I thought the syntax was correct. I try to write in British English, so my colours have a "U"; my centres are not centers and I'm glad to take advice with a C... I realise that Zs are scarce in my dialogue (but this has two more letters than yours) and I hope these are not the syntax errors you refer to: if you don't mind, an email with some details would be welcome.

Many thanks, all the best,
Marco Pusterla -

Ye Olde Magic Mag: magic history and collecting magazine.

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