Wallet Weapon by Lloyd Barnes

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Wallet Weapon by Lloyd Barnes

Postby Tom Frame » May 1st, 2014, 6:59 pm

Wallet Weapon (DVD) by Lloyd Barnes $20.00
Running time: 60 minutes
Available at: http://www.enigmaltd.com

For do-it-yourself wonder workers, Lloyd Barnes presents the Wallet Weapon. Click on the link below to view a performance of the wallet’s raison d’etre.


For the click phobic, here is the effect.

The performer opens his wallet and shows that a folded card is tucked into one of the credit card pockets. He closes his wallet and tables it. A participant freely selects and signs a card. The performer retrieves the card and places it face up on top of the face-down deck. He turns the card face down onto the deck, removes it and hands it to the participant, who holds it face down.

The performer states that he caused the participant’s card to vanish. The participant turns the card face up and discovers that it is an indifferent card. The performer takes the card, places it face up on top of the face-up deck, and tables the deck.

The performer picks up his wallet, opens it, removes the folded card from its pocket, and replaces it on top of the pocket. He slides the folded card off the edge of the wallet, opens the card and it is the signed selection.

Overall, the production values of the DVD are adequate. The video was shot using very shallow focus. The result of this odd aesthetic choice is that the image goes out of focus whenever Mr. Barnes moves out of the limited focal range. This creates an annoying, squint-inducing viewing experience.

Mr. Barnes does an adequate job of teaching the material. His method is similar to the modus operandi employed by Bob Ostin in his switching wallet. Mr. Barnes gives a brief nod to Mr. Ostin, but he fails to mention the related work of Steve Dusheck, Gordon Bruce, John Riggs, and others. I was disappointed by his lack of research and attribution.

Mr. Barnes’ states that his method distinguishes itself from previous methods because you can remove the folded card from the wallet’s pocket; the vanishing mechanism is different from previous mechanisms; and you can construct the mechanism in your own hip pocket wallet.

I don’t consider the ability to remove and slightly reposition the folded card to be an asset. On the contrary, the action creates an odd, suspicious moment. The natural way to remove the card from the wallet’s pocket would be to slide it out of the pocket and directly off the edge of the wallet. Why does the performer remove it from the pocket, set it back on the wallet, and then slide it off the wallet’s edge? Why use three steps when only one is required?

You can’t construct the Wallet Weapon with just any hip pocket wallet. It must be a bi-fold wallet with several credit card pockets on one side.

Constructing the wallet isn’t particularly difficult, but you must exercise care. The procedure takes about 10 minutes.

In addition to the wallet, you need several easily obtainable items. You must also deceptively execute the Mercury Card Fold.

If you actually purchase this product and make the wallet, I recommend reinforcing a certain portion of the wallet to protect it against the fraying that will likely occur with repeated use. Mr. Barnes doesn’t mention this tip.

Mr. Barnes shares several additional ideas for the wallet. He demonstrates a handling in which you begin the effect by openly folding the card and apparently inserting it into the wallet’s pocket. This approach doesn’t look convincing.

He suggests using the wallet to perform a torn and restored card effect. A number of vastly superior methods exist that don’t require a wallet.

But worst of all, he suggests using the wallet to visually change a folded piece of blank paper into a folded dollar bill. Great Nefertiti’s tits! That’s a terrible idea!

Using the wallet to create a flash transformation screams switch! It doesn’t matter that the participant can’t unravel the exact method of the switch. Once she correctly concludes that a switch took place, the magic is destroyed.

The Wallet Weapon isn’t a bad method per se, it’s just not a very good method, it’s derivative and it doesn’t merit a $20.00 price tag. Save your money and buy one of Tony Miller’s exquisite wallets.

Not Recommended
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Re: Wallet Weapon by Lloyd Barnes

Postby mrgoat » May 2nd, 2014, 4:22 am

Told ya!


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