Nick Lewin´s Cruise Magic 101

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Nick Lewin´s Cruise Magic 101

Postby KristianSkovbo » November 6th, 2013, 4:57 am

Just finished reading Nick Lewin´s Cruise Magic 101 and I can really recommend this book if you are thinking about getting into the cruise ship world.

I haven´t thought much about it before reading this book, - but now it is tempting to give it a try!

Because after reading this book, it sounds easy (of course it is not, but he will save you some time)

The book starts out with an interesting bio about Nick and how he got started on cruise ships and what he learned on his first gig...

The book also covers how to book cruise dates and working with an agent.

How many shows will you do and how long..

Getting to and traveling to the gig..

Do's and don'ts on the ship and working with the staff..

What material fits on the ship..

Working with the technician on the ship (and how to create a cue sheet for him)

+ALOT more on doing this special niche in or business

As a bonus Nick´s “Cruise Card Transpo” is explained. A great gem for doing magic with a credit card!

Read it an you will understand why Nick has been so succesfull is this market.

To whole thing in a nice soft bound book and easy to read!

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