Treble by Steve Reynolds

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Treble by Steve Reynolds

Postby Tom Frame » March 29th, 2013, 11:43 am

Treble (Download) by Steve Reynolds $10.00
Running time: 19 minutes
Available at:

Steve Reynolds is a serious student of card magic. He is also a clever creator and a skillful practitioner. I’ve been a fan of his work for many years. I was pleased as punch when I received this download for review.

The audio and video production values of this video are good. Mr. Reynolds does a very good job of teaching the material. He dutifully provides appropriate attribution.

Click on the link above to view performances of this trio of tricks.

Spin on the Color-Changing Deck: The performer shuffles a blue back deck. He cuts the face-down deck and a card flies to the table. He turns it face-up and it’s an Ace. He cuts the deck again and produces another Ace.

The performer turns the deck face-up, cuts it and a face-down card falls to the table. He turns it face-up, revealing another Ace. He spreads the face-up deck on the table and draws attention to the remaining Ace. He turns the tabled Aces face-down.

The performer turns the face-up spread of cards face-down to reveal that the backs are now red. A lone blue back card is seen in the spread. He turns it face-up and displays the final Ace.

This is a cool, surprising opener.

I like it.

Ace-X-X-X-X-Ace: The performer tables two blue back cards face-down. From a red deck, participants freely choose two cards, which are then lost in the deck.

The performer spreads the deck, and breaks the spread, taking half of the cards in each hand. A participant places the blue back cards, together, on top of the left hand portion of the deck. The performer places the right hand portion of the deck on top of the pair of blue cards and squares the deck.

The performer spreads the deck face-down and the two blue back cards are now widely separated in the spread. He removes the cards beneath each blue back card and they are the selections.

Mr. Reynold’s clever handling includes a very cool, disarming J.K. Hartman technique.

I like it.

Technicolor Find: The performer displays an Ace of Diamonds and an Ace of Hearts with blue backs. He tables them face-down. He spreads a red back deck face-down on the table, squares it and places it on top of one of the blue back Aces. He places the other blue backed Ace of top of the deck.

The performer riffles the deck and a participant stops him. He breaks the deck, hands the selected card to the participant and asks her to remember it. He squares the deck, retrieves the selection and inserts it into the rear of the deck to bury it.

He removes the blue back Ace from the top of the deck and inserts it into the front end of the deck, leaving it out-jogged near the top of the deck. He turns the deck face-up, removes the Ace from the face of the deck and inserts it into the deck, leaving it out-jogged near the face of the deck. He squares the Aces into the deck and turns it face-down.

The performer spreads the deck face-down and the blue back cards have come together and sandwiched one card. He removes it and reveals the selection.

I like it.

Treble features well constructed, powerful effects that will appeal to connoisseurs of cunning card conjuring.

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