Card Shark 1 by Kyle MacNeill

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Card Shark 1 by Kyle MacNeill

Postby Tom Frame » March 5th, 2012, 4:29 pm

Card Shark 1 (emagazine) by Kyle MacNeill $0.99
13 pages, 5 photographs
Available at:

Kyle MacNeill is an adolescent conjurer from the U.K. This is the premiere issue of his monthly electronic magazine.

The authors writing is rough and the text contains numerous typographical errors. Mr. MacNeill cites his inspirational sources.

The photographs are clear and somewhat helpful. I wish that the author had included more of them.

Dessert First (Kyle MacNeill): The performer waves his hand over the deck and a face-up Ace appears on top. He slides the Ace back and reveals a second Ace. He pretends to place an invisible prediction card between the Aces. The performer then causes the Aces to vanish.

A participant selects a card which is lost in the deck. The performer again causes the two face-up Aces to materialize on top of the deck. He removes them, shakes them and a face-down card appears between them. The participant removes it and discovers that it is her selection.

The authors appealing presentation exemplifies a movie in which the ending occurs first and the rest of the movie builds toward that ending. I like it.

Super Quick ATFUS Hof (Kyle MacNeill): The performer places the four face-up Aces on top of the face-down deck. A participant selects a card, say the Four of Spades, which is lost in the deck.

The performer removes the Aces and hands them to the participant. She spreads them and sees that the Ace of Spades has turned face-down. The performer states that her selection must be a Spade, the Four of Spades.

He waves his hand over the deck and the Ace of Spades appears face-up on top. The participant removes the face-down card from the Ace packet and discovers the Four of Spades.

This is a lean, effective handling of the Hofzinser classic. I like it.

Fight (John Holt): A participant freely selects a card which is lost in the deck. The performer places the deck into the card case, closes the flap and tables the case. He divines the participants selection. He tosses the cased deck into the air and catches it in his right hand. One card remains in his left hand. It is the selection.

After this issue of the magazine was published, the author discovered that Mark Leveridge had published an identical effect called Spin Out in Aldo Colombinis Simply Impromp2 in 2005. I like Mr. Leveridges effect.

He kindly allowed the author to include Mr. Holts reinvention in the magazine, with proper attribution. Apart from seeking to pad the magazine, I dont understand Mr. MacNeills decision to publish Mr. Holts clone.

Joker Face (Kyle MacNeill): A participant freely names two cards. The performer removes two Jokers from the deck and hands them to the participant. The participant freely names any number from one to fifty-two and deals that many cards into a tabled pile. The performer places an invisible card on top of the pile, stating that it is her card. The participant places the Jokers on top of the pile.

She spreads the cards and sees a face-down card between the Jokers. She turns it over and discovers one of her selected cards. She removes the Jokers from the pile, turns over the top card of the pile and finds her second selection.

Placing an invisible card and the Jokers onto the pile to accomplish the ACAAN ending is an odd, contrived handling. I dont like it.

Thanks, Meester (Cameron Francis): The performer displays the four Kings and tables them in a face-down packet. He displays the four Jokers and holds them face-down in his left hand.

He turns the top card of the Joker packet face-up and removes it. He waves it over the rightmost tabled King and the Joker transforms into a King. He returns the King to the Joker packet.

The performer waves the Joker packet over the second packet from the right. He turns the packet face-up and shows that it contains two Jokers and two Kings.

He waves the Joker packet over the next King. He turns the packet face-up and shows that it contains three Kings and one Joker.

He waves the packet over the final King, turns it face-up and shows that it consists of four Kings.

The participant assumes that the face-down cards on the table have transformed into are Jokers. The performer turns them face-up to reveal that they are the four Aces.

This is a surprising, well constructed effect. I like it.

You wont find any revolutionary material in this issue. But you will find a few solid, commercial effects that are worth every penny of the 99 cent price tag.

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Richard Kaufman
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Re: Card Shark 1 by Kyle MacNeill

Postby Richard Kaufman » March 5th, 2012, 4:55 pm

99 cents!
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Re: Card Shark 1 by Kyle MacNeill

Postby KyleMacNeill » March 6th, 2012, 1:11 pm

Thanks, I am glad you liked it! :)
RE: The publishing clone thing - It was 3 - 4 months after it was published that we found out about a very similar effect, but we were allowed to keep it in (Thanks to the very kind Mr. Leveridge) so we did. :)

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