Phoenix Parlor Deck

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Kent Gunn
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Phoenix Parlor Deck

Postby Kent Gunn » October 30th, 2011, 7:04 pm

Bought a deck from Diamond's magic in Peabody Mass, just two days ago. Diamond's is a very well-stocked magic shop.

You can buy these things at any of the on-line vendors. They came with Lesley-style marks on the backs. They're really well done.

It's a bit bigger than a poker-sized deck, not much. The visibility factor on the indices is much stronger though.

Nobody responded to the reworked version of Sam the Bellhop I posted a while ago. Maybe seeing the larger version will induce some comments . . .

I had one issue with the cards and I'm working with Christian on a solution. I think most will find a use for these scaled-up cards pretty easily.

I really like the deck so far.


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