Foundations 2/ a body of work

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Kent Gunn
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Foundations 2/ a body of work

Postby Kent Gunn » March 18th, 2011, 1:29 am

This is a staggered review. I'll be mentioning not just Foundations 2. I just figured out his body of work really sets his material apart from the vast majority of people providing items to the magic community.

You can get the product from the performer himself;

Call 702-982-3169 or email him at:

Foundations 2 is 49.95

It's a DVD, just one DVD. Why should you pay 49.95 for one DVD?

1. It's three and a half freaking hours long.
2. Jason is not a recent, entrant into the card magic community. He's not sharing stuff he learned this year. He's sharing what he knows with his DECADES of thoughtful analysis and relentless practice.
3. He is known, by anyone with a clue, as one of the top card mechanics in the world.

Ok . . . you knew that. What's on the disk?

Chapters on:

The double lift
The classic pass
Riffle stacking
The pinky count
The gambler's cop
The push off second deal
The Zarrow shuffle

You're saying, but Kent I know all that stuff.

You don't know the material like Jason does. I've done all of the material on this disc for years. I improved my handling of six of the moves by watching the DVD. I have miles to go before I sleep, BUT, I'm on a better path.

Why didn't I improve all seven? I actually can do a pinky count ok already ;}


There's a volume one DVD in this series. Same price, same length. It's got;

Bottom deal
Center deal
Strike second
Greek deal
Push thru shuffle
Palming fundamentals
MacMillan Switch

This is way more gambling-centric than the second disc. If you've ever wanted to learn the gambling deals, this is the best source for the information. Period.


I first became acquainted with Mr. England's work from two sets of his two lecture notes. I got the first of these;

Second Thoughts; Notes on the Second Deal
from the big guy himself. Ran into him at the 52 in Buffalo. He and I are both ex-military. Gave me a hook to get him to talk to me. (He's willing to help damned near anyone.)

He got me doing seconds in about ten minutes. He knows how to teach this stuff. His two tips to me were, "Kent you have dry hands, use some sort-kwik." The second, "Don't deal to a little wimpy pile in front of yourself, gotta sail 'em." Sounds simple . . . it'd been kickin' my ass for decades!

I learned how to actually do a bottom deal from:

From the Cellar: Notes on the Bottom Deal

I'd struggled with the bottom for over 25 years. His notes are so full of references, (as are the DVDs) I was able to get to multiple sources for tricks to use this move with. I'll be honest it ain't to speed anymore. I can get it back because I know where the real work is . . .


I don't know what Jason charges for his lecture notes or if he even has any. Call him and ask him. I suspect he'd run you off a set if you're not a real jerk on the phone.

I don't generally think most magic DVDs are very well put together. The Foundations series is fully fleshed-out. You have a world class card mechanic calmly tipping the real work.

If you think you can push yourself to learn these sleights if you only had a good teacher . . . send the damn man some money.


Jason England
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Re: Foundations 2/ a body of work

Postby Jason England » March 18th, 2011, 2:16 am


Thank you very much for the nice words. Means a lot.

The above phone number is actually an old number. If anyone needs to call me they can call 8053156180, keeping in mind that I live in the Pacific time zone.

Email listed above is best way to reach me. I can reply with prices, shipping, etc.

Thanks again.


Larry Horowitz
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Re: Foundations 2/ a body of work

Postby Larry Horowitz » March 23rd, 2011, 2:51 pm

"(He's willing to help damned near anyone.)"

Kent wrote this and I want to second it. From the moment I met Jason (about 12-13 years ago) he has been nothing but open and helpful.

And we have discussed many things. You would be surprised at some of his interests.

I can almost blind recommend anything Jason puts on the market.

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