The RnB Project by Raphael Czaja

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Tom Frame
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The RnB Project by Raphael Czaja

Postby Tom Frame » January 25th, 2011, 2:13 pm

The RnB Project (Ebook) by Raphael Czaja $6.00
24 pages, 7 photos, 1 illustration
Available at:

I regret to inform Louis Jordan fans that this ebook has nothing whatsoever to do with Rhythm and Blues. Rather, its title refers to Raphael Czajas passion for performing effects that use both red and blue backed cards. In this ebook, he offers three such effects.

The text contains a few typographical errors. Mr. Czaja does an adequate job of teaching the material. He dutifully cites his inspirational sources. The accompanying photos are somewhat helpful, despite being dark and sometimes out of focus.

Revolution: The performer tables a red deck. He introduces a blue deck, which is shuffled by the participant. The performer retrieves the deck and cuts it several times, showing that each card has a number from 1-52 written on its face.

The participant selects two cards, which are tabled, sight unseen. She freely selects one of these cards, turns it face-up and sees the number 19 written on its face. She takes the red deck, counts to the 19th card and turns it face-up. It is the Nine of Spades. She turns over the tabled blue card and discovers that it is also the Nine of Spades.

While I like this effect, I hate the method because it relies on the horrendous Cut Deeper Force. Mr. Czaja, I beseech thee. Please, oh please, stop using this frightful force! In fact, dont even utter its name or think about it. Thank you for your compliance.

Poker Wave: The performer tables a packet of red cards and holds a blue packet of cards. He explains that the tabled packet contains three Aces of different suits and an indifferent card. He states that the packet in his hand contains four Aces and the Ace missing from the tabled packet. The participants job is to find that missing Ace.

The participant freely names a number from 1-5. The performer counts to that card in the blue packet and tables it face-down. The performer turns the top card of the red packet face-up, displaying the Ten of Hearts. He turns the selected card face-up, revealing the Ace of Hearts. He turns the blue packet face-up and reveals four Aces of Hearts, with You wont pick this one. written on their faces. The participant turns over the remaining red cards and discovers that they are the Jack, Queen and King of Hearts, giving her a Royal Flush.

This is a strong, well constructed effect with a surprise ending that will blindside the participant. I like it.

Oddpen Prediction: The performer tables a red card face-down, referring to it as his prediction. From a blue deck, he deals cards face-down, one at a time until the participant instructs him to stop. The performer turns the remainder of the deck face-up in his hand. He places the red prediction card face-down onto the face of the deck. He turns the deck face-down and places it on top of the tabled packet.

He spreads the deck face-down, revealing a face-up Queen of Hearts. The performer removes the Queen and the face-down card directly beneath it. He turns over the Queen and displays its red back. He turns over the face-down and reveals that it is also the Queen of Hearts.

A common card gaff is required.

While this effect doesnt adhere to the conditions set forth in Paul Currys classic, its a powerful, seemingly fair rendition. Mr. Czaja includes a brief presentation involving the powers of intuition. I like it.

I liked two of the effects in this ebook. If you can stomach the force whose name will not be mentioned, you may enjoy the third effect as well. With a price tag of a mere $6.00, The RnB Project provides good value and is worth checking out.

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Richard Kaufman
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Re: The RnB Project by Raphael Czaja

Postby Richard Kaufman » January 25th, 2011, 2:51 pm

Brother Hamman used the Cut Deeper Force.

If it was good enough for the Brother, it's good enough for me. :)
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Re: The RnB Project by Raphael Czaja

Postby Jeff.Prace » January 25th, 2011, 7:53 pm

I, too, actually like using the Cut Deeper Force. When read straight out of a beginner book, it seems basic and reverse engineer-able. However, there are some great touches that make it look totally convincing.
See the trailer!

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Raphael Czaja
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Re: The RnB Project by Raphael Czaja

Postby Raphael Czaja » January 26th, 2011, 4:31 am


I want to point out that it is a variation on the "cut deeper" that looks even fairer, because the first card is selected after the first cut, and the last face up card seen at the rear of the first face up packet won't be the next selection unlike the basic cut deeper force.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the honest review.

Raphael Czaja.

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Raphael Czaja
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Re: The RnB Project by Raphael Czaja

Postby Raphael Czaja » January 26th, 2011, 4:34 am

Also, it is available through me for 6$ for a limited time.

When I'll put it on, it will go up to the regular price of $8 which is still a bargain in my opinion.



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