Mind Whisper by Bob Solari

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Mind Whisper by Bob Solari

Postby Steve V » January 12th, 2009, 4:42 pm

Mind Whisper by Bob Solari
Card Trick $24.95

The effect is as follows. Two spectators are used on stage and stand apart from each other. One spectator thinks of a card and tells you, the magician, what it is so that others can not hear. You then cross the stage to the other spectator who concentrates and then announces the card that has come to his mind and it matches the first spectators thought of card.

I actually like this type of routine, where a spectator is brought up and becomes an instant stooge. The routine comes with two specially put together decks of cards that reduce the handling and time it takes to set things up between spectator one and two. This can be very effective and if performing in a private home the second spectator can be asked to leave the room while the first thinks of their card. I think the parlor magician will like this or perhaps those that work banquets. It is simple and very direct and as long as you have a good choice in spectators you will be good to go.

I found I had to fine tune the presentation to add to the humor and make it flow a bit smoother but the basic routine is a good foundation to work off of and may, by itself, meet the needs of many who look into this routine. I had fun with this when I performed it and it went over well.
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