Bunny Hop by Bob Solari

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Bunny Hop by Bob Solari

Postby Steve V » January 12th, 2009, 4:39 pm

Bunny Hop
Close up effect $17.95

This is an interesting chop cup style routine that makes use of a small top hat with a final load being a toy rabbit. I like the routine and used it for a table with kids on it and they really got a kick out of the rabbit appearing. The routine comes with the gimmicked hat, a couple bunny tails, and the bunny along with written instructions. This is not a difficult routine and would be of interest to those that work restaurants where children are present. I believe it is too small to play for a kids show party.

There are a couple problems that need to be addressed. One is the hat itself. I had to repair the hat gimmick using glue, not a big deal but in manufacturing they should consider how the hat will hold together. This was a quick fix and no big issue. The other problem is that the opening moves are done with bunny tails which are fluffy. The fluffy tails want to stick to the hat and each other, friction being the culprit, so things dont move as well as you would hope, takes some working with to get it so you know how much force to use to get the balls out and all that. What I did to try to help, and it did, was run wax around the inside of the hat. This smoothed out the fibers some in the hat which was sticking to the balls.

As I said I like the routine and found ways around the couple issues I had. The kids like it and if you want a pocket trick for kids this is worth your consideration.
Steve V

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