Akross (DVD) by Sean Fields

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Bill Duncan
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Akross (DVD) by Sean Fields

Postby Bill Duncan » September 11th, 2008, 11:16 pm

Akross (DVD) by Sean Fields $25.00
Available at http://www.seanfieldsmagic.com/
Dealers purchase from Murphys Magic Supplies, Inc. (916) 853-9292 www.murphysmagicsupplies.com

Sean Fields tackles the cards across plot. The method involves two decks, one red, one blue, and multiple prepared cards. The cards are not provided with the DVD, but can be easily made, or cheaply purchased.

The effect of this version is that a signed card leaves one deck, and appears in the other. The different colored back quickly proves the transit, and the fact that the card is signed negates the thought of a force. Note that the signed card is in fact of a different color than the rest of the pack in which is shown at the end of the trick. Im not trying to be coy here; some tricks in which a red/blue distinction is made function by sticking two cards together. Thats a valid method, but not the one used here.

The deck is not examinable, either before or after the effect. This shouldnt bother you, but should be mentioned. The method is clever, and might even inspire other effects. It should also be noted that if you dont mind a tiny bit of palming you could leave the pack clean at the end. Ill also point out that if you have any audience management skills you could probably hand the pack to someone to remove their signed card, and be safe in the knowledge that the effect of finding their signed card in the other deck will distract them enough that they wont want to examine the pack. Just a thought

The video production is spotty. The images and sound are clear, but theres some Cris Angel style selective editing that I found annoying. The scene selections are not in any way labeled. There are six buttons with previews of the scenes in them, but it would be nice to have a text label to read rather than having to watch the clips in the buttons and guess. None of this will prevent you from learning the material, but it isnt what youd call user friendly.

In addition to the primary effect there are variations and extra items which may be of interest to you.
Krossed upthe same effect as Akross, but done with two cards. A very little bit of extra work doubles (and changes) the effect: a signed card from each deck appears in the other.
SingularityA card jumps from one half of the deck to the other, while the other half is held by a spectator. Again, nothing earthshattering in method, but a solid effect.
Dualitya two card transposition using a duplicate. A very strong trick, but nothing that hasnt been done before. A nowstandard gaffus is used to prove that only two cards are in play.

Its only in the past couple of years learned to appreciate the Cards Across plot, thanks to Paul Hallis manuscript Across The Void. I like this method; its both practical, and fun. It probably wont replace the method I use now, which uses only one deck, but I do think it deserves attention.

L&Ls recently released Worlds Greatest Magic DVD on Cards Across costs five bucks less and offers several versions, both gaffed and ungaffed. If you are inexperienced with the plot, thats the place to start, followed by Paul Hallass manuscript Across The Void. If youre a fan of Cards Across (yes, Im talking to you Mr. Hallas) or if youre already acquainted with a few classic methods, you will probably find this one very interesting.

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Re: Akross (DVD) by Sean Fields

Postby Hallas » September 23rd, 2008, 10:26 am

Actually, I did pick this up, Bill. Interesting, as you say for those interested in the plot. But hardly 'the ultimate cards across' as descrived on the DVD box. The title effect is the best of the versions given, and somewhat bold. I would worry about spectators remembering the face cards, though for younger audience members with ADD that might not be a problem. Perhaps using similar cards on the faces, like two matching colors and values would be better.

The actual performance clip because of editing makes the effect and procedure seem quicker than it actually is. But it does look very workable and I'm sure gets good responses. As you say, it may also prove inspirational.

As for the one card from one half to the other, I prefer Basil Horwitz's method (and when I use that I get the card signed).

On my "Akross" DVD the sound seemed out of sync. with the lip movement and at one point in one explanation the screen goes black for a few moments.

Always interesting to see different peoples approaches to this classic plot though. Sean has also visited the plot before, see "Gate 99" in his booklet "X-Rated".


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