Ed Ellis Vol 6, Live At The Magic Castle

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Ed Ellis Vol 6, Live At The Magic Castle

Postby Steve V » September 11th, 2008, 11:03 pm

Ed Ellis Vol 6, Live At The Magic Castle, $25
DVD , 75 Minutes
Dealers purchase from Murphys Magic Supplies, Inc. (916) 853-9292 www.murphysmagicsupplies.com in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foot hills.

Ed Ellis is a pro out of Ohio who is no stranger to Vegas or the Magic Castle. This is the 6th DVD released by Ed, all of which Ive really enjoyed, and is rooted by his 20 minute Magic Castle close up show. I liked the show, Ed certainly knows his way around a deck of card, and he tossed in some rubber band magic as well as other quick sleight of hand items making for an enjoyable presentation. The quality of the show is about as good as one can expect when filmed in the close up room, the sound took a bit of getting use to as you could hear the audience making comments and laughing, soon enough I was able to filter it out and just enjoy Ed. The show is made up mostly of material that can be found on previous DVDs and the routines, with the exception of the Card To Shoe, which is a bonus on the DVD, is not taught.

What is taught by Ed is 30 types of single card style. I love this kind of thing and really was hoping someone would come out with this information because it is a weak spot in my card magic. What single card style consist of is flourish type card productions of a card one at a time. This may be a fancy spinning in the fingers or a graceful way to lay a card down. I found it interesting and Ed does a good job explaining how to do the flourish. I am not a fan of full blown flourishes in card magic presentation but I do like the idea of making it look like I do have something on the lay public. Ed also includes a section on beginner moves. This is basically his take on a double lift, the Elmsley Count, and the Tilt move. This would be of interest to the beginners. Lastly is the bonus Card to Shoe, nothing really to mention other than it is something folks find interesting and it looks very good in Eds talented hands.

If I was to find problems with this product Id have to say that the bad blue screen is a small negative but more important is the menu. With the large number of flourishes taught there isnt a chapter by title of sleight. You have to run through the whole shebang or jump chapter to chapter until you find what you are looking for. It would save time when there is that one card spin you really want to work on. Other than that I think this is a good DVD with some excellent performance video and the single card flourishes are of real value if you are interested and, like me, looking for tips on doing them. Well done.
Steve V

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