Craig Petty's Attack of the Bag Part 1

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Craig Petty's Attack of the Bag Part 1

Postby JKeppel » September 11th, 2008, 10:36 pm

Craig Petty's Attack of the Bag - Part 1
DVD - Running time 78 Minutes - suggested retail $29.95
Avaiable from Murphysmagicsupplies

First of all, I really enjoyed this with ONE reservation which I will mention later.

This is a DVD containing 8 routines with the coin mesh bag. For those of you not familiar with the prop it is a small velvet bag with a mesh front that is used as a utility device in which a coin can vanish or appear. This DVD comes with TWO of these bags.

Craig has developed 8 routines with this prop and they are quite varied, from a version of the chop cup to coins across and even a bit of mentalism.

The routines vary from pretty much self working to more advanced sleight-of-hand handlings.

The 8 routines are:

Chop Bag
Piggy Bank
Coins in Cartoon Motion
Strange Exchange
Recorded Delivery
Wild Thing
Money in the Bag
Scofield Coin
Multiple Selection

Almost all of the routines are strong But I most enjoyed "Chop Bag" which as the name implies is a coin bag version of the chop cup with all the usual moves including the BIG finish, "Multiple Selection" which mixes some equivoque with a surprise finish and "Strange Exchange" which uses BOTH bags in a coins across routine.

Between the performances and the explantions Craig takes some time out to teach 4 sleights used in the various routines. Some are standard but some have been developed to be used specifically with this prop. I thought the most convincing was the "Drop Dump" which exchanges a classic palmed coin with the coin in the bag during the action of apparantly emptying the coin from the bag.

The bag itself has a red stripe at one end and a blue stripe at the other which helps in the explanations when you need to know wether the opening needs to be facing the performer or the audience.

Now my ONE reservation.. there is a thin stitching line which can be seen through the bag. You can even see it if you go to murphys web site and look at the photo of the bag. Some sharp eyed spectators might notice it.

Other than that, i really enjoyed this and give it a 9 out of 10, I am mainly a book guy and not a DVD guy but I can certainly see myself buying the other DVD he has out "Attack of the bag Part 2"

Joe Keppel

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