Solari’s Metamorphis Bills

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Steve V
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Solari’s Metamorphis Bills

Postby Steve V » September 10th, 2008, 2:40 pm

Solaris Metamorphis Bills, $10
Booklet, four half pages with example of gimmick.

Metamorphosis Bills is a version of Grants bill transpo that can be found in Tarbell and other places. The routine consist of two different bills being shown and folded. The bills are placed in the spectators fist and you pull one of the bills out showing it to the spectator and the bills then switch places. It is a very good trick and one that can be carried with you and played different ways; Id go as far as to say it is one of those tricks you should always be ready to perform.

Bob Solaris release is well written but that is about the extent of it. First there is no crediting done other than to say it has been around for years. Bob also states that in no other version the bill is examinable. There is no excuse for the lack of crediting since even a non magic scholar like myself knew the history of the effect having read Tarbell but saying all other versions are non examinable is also incorrect. The gimmick, there is a sample with the booklet, is a step back from what I, and others, have been using and actually reduces the visibility and angles of the effect. Lastly the presentation suggestion fails in logic. You actually tell the spectator not to look as you remove the bill because it is a secret and you immediately after removing it tell them what it is.huh?

What I suggest to those who want to learn this effect in what I think is the best method and presentation for $10 more than the cost of this booklet is track down L&L Publishings The Worlds Greatest Magic by the Worlds Greatest Magicians Close Up Magic Volume 2, it is distributed by Murphys Magic so you should be able to get it from any good magic shop or L&L directly. The gimmick is far superior and easily made, the presentation is better, and the bills are fully examinable at the end. As an added bonus with the DVD you get a number of very good routines as well as the bill transpo, the transpo is taught by Eugene Burger and David Parr by the way.

If you want a version that isnt so great and not an improvement with a gimmick that is lacking then go for Metamorphosis Bills, though I dont know why you would.
Steve V

Nikodemus Siivola
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Re: Solari’s Metamorphis Bills

Postby Nikodemus Siivola » September 10th, 2008, 3:06 pm

I believe David Parr's take on the bill transposition originally appeared in his book "Brain Food", which is still in print.

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