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Stephen Tuckers Twister Continuum

Posted: September 9th, 2008, 9:36 pm
by Steve V
Stephen Tuckers Twister Continuum, $30
DVD , Close up card magic with Gimmick
Run time: 93 minutes Big Blind Media
Dealers purchase from Murphys Magic Supplies, Inc. (916) 853-9292 in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foot hills.

Big Blind Media continues bringing out some of the best produced DVDs in magic with excellent camera work and sound. This time around we get Stephen Tucker, an affable Brit, who presents a number of routines using his Twister gimmick. The gimmick is supplied and is well made, I checked out a couple of them and both were made with precision, and you are instructed how to make one of your own and there is no problems in replacing the gimmick should the need arise or if you want to use other than Bike backed cards. The gimmick works as it should and is easy to handle. The DVD has nine routines using the Twister Card and is promoted as giving you the ability to do FISM quality routines without sleight of hand. I dont know about FISM quality but it does give you the means to do interesting routines w/out sleights.

The nine routines are very similar in appearance with some clear variables which reflects the limitations of the gimmick. I do think that tossing in one of the routines will be a nice addition to a set, you certainly, as Stephen states, wouldnt do more than one of the routines in the set. The routines are typically based on routines that can be done using sleight of hand but if you like gimmicked cards or are wanting to do card tricks for family and friends and are relatively new to magic and dont mind a gimmick then you may want to consider this DVD. If you are an experienced card guy you may want to pass this by because it may be a bit hobbiest for some and with sleight of hand you can do better without the gimmick. Basically it is a preference thing, the product itself is good it just depends on where you are in your magical journey as to your happiness with this DVD.

There are a couple of bonus effects, one a linking card that is based on Paul Harris work which again might be appreciated by those new to card magic and another routine based on a full deck stack. The angle used in the presentation of the linking card wasnt great, the big flub of the DVD actually, but it is something a new magician may enjoy doing for his folks. Over all I appreciate the effort Stephen and Big Blind Media put into making a quality DVD and in making the gimmick. I just want to make sure you understand that this is not for the advanced worker and this is not something you pros are likely going to be adding to your repertoire anytime soon. Very well done DVD and well taught routines.

Re: Stephen Tuckers Twister Continuum

Posted: September 9th, 2008, 9:56 pm
by Richard Kaufman
Steve, what type of effects does the gimmick allow you to accomplish?

Re: Stephen Tuckers Twister Continuum

Posted: September 9th, 2008, 11:41 pm
by Steve V
Good question and I should'a put it in there. The basic effect is a packet of cards is shown and one card, lets say the ace of spades, is face up. You close the packet and give it a twist and then the ace of hearts is face up, another twist and the club then the spade. You then can show that the cards are all kings or a royal flush, you get the picture. I don't think the basic routine is as clean looking, to be honest with you, as Twisting The Aces is in its original version. There is a routine based on Wild Card and while the gimmick does remove any need to learn sleights it doesn't look as good as many other versions of Wild Card.

It is, as I said, a really well produced DVD and gimmick that is of questionable value.