Holy Stretch

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Holy Stretch

Postby Bill Duncan » September 9th, 2008, 2:31 am

Holy Stretch (DVD) by Jay Sankey
MSRP $25.00
Available at http://www.SankeyMagic.com
Dealers purchase from Murphys Magic Supplies, Inc. (916) 853-9292 www.murphysmagicsupplies.com

This DVD is a follow up to Sankeys Holy Moly which his website describes as a coin trick even though its done with washers. Yep, washers.

The original trick (which sells for $20.00) is actually rather clever. You display two washers, have a spectator hold one, and then remove the hole from yours (creating a solid metal disk), and magically throw the hole into the spectators fist, creating a washer with two holes in their hand.

OK, as magical effects go its pretty low rent, but it also has a fun, if admittedly odd, sensibility about it. And the spellbound change used to remove the hole from one washer is a solid bit of visual magic, which is nice.

This thing, well, first of all, its five bucks more than the original trick, so to add this boffo finish to Holy Moly youll have to more than double your investment. Frankly, I dont think the ending is worth it. But you decide. Heres what happens.

After you have magically moved the hole from one washer to the other you pick up the double holed, pseudoimpossible object, and stretch it into a three inch long piece of metal shaped like a Tylenol capsule, with holes at both ends.

You get the double holed washer (which presumably you already have), but not the holeless washer, needed for the original trick, plus the stretched double holed washer. If the set included all the props for the original routine then adding five buck for the extra prop, and the new material on the DVD would be a fine addition to a quirky, but solid* little trick.

Its hard to know who should buy this trick. If you already have the original, and you like the stretched prop, and have twentyfive bucks burning a hole in your pocket, then go for it. For anyone else Id suggest you consider the original, and cheaper, Holy Moly, and see how that plays for you. If it gets good reactions then maybe you pick this one up too. At that point youll have a duplicate of the doubleholed washer and you can do Scarnes Copper/Silver routine from Stars of Magic with the washers before doing the boffo finish.

If youre a plumber, that might be a really good set.

* Heres where I publically apologize for that really bad little pun. In my defense I did just spent and hour watching someone do magic with plumbing hardware.

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