Spellz Volume 1 with Jay Sankey

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Tom Frame
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Spellz Volume 1 with Jay Sankey

Postby Tom Frame » September 7th, 2008, 12:35 am

Spellz Volume 1 with Jay Sankey (2 DVDs) $39.99
Running time: 138 minutes
Dealers purchase from Murphys Magic Supplies, Inc. (916) 853-9292 www.murphysmagicsupplies.com

Spellz is a live action children's series for 6 - 9 year olds, which airs on tvokids in Canada. It is hosted by Jay Sankey and his Amazing Kid Assistant, Bridget Hall. The show is set in a colorful Fun House.

These DVDs contain Volume 1 of the 1st season. Production values are first rate.

The format for each 11 minute episode is as follows:

Announcement of the theme of the show.
A list of the required props.
Opening banter and hijinks between Jay and Bridget.
Jay performs then teaches a trick to Bridget.
Bridget successfully performs the trick.
Jay shares a moment of magical history.
Jay performs then teaches a trick To Bridget.
Bridget successfully performs the trick.
Jay shares a performance tip.
Bridget teaches us something involving the physical sciences.
Jay has a performance only segment.
The credits role as we watch a clip of a squeezable young child performing a trick that they probably learned earlier that day.

Below is a list of the episodes, the tricks taught, and the subject of the historical segment.

Disc 1

Secret Assistant - Undercover Coin, 9 Card Mystery, Al Flosso.
Haunted Magic - Linking Paperclips, Spirit Key, Houdini
Mysterious Destructions - Torn and Restored Bill, Broken and Restored Toothpick, P.T. Selbit and Horace Goldin.
Roped In - Appearing Knot in Shoelace, Restored String, Hindu Rope Trick Myth.
Hankering for a Handkerchief - Coin Through Hank, Hank Bunny, Blackstone.
Mathomagic - 1089 Force, Countdown Force, Datus the Memory Man.

Disc 2

Table Tricks - Salt Shaker Through Table, Spoon Vanish, Max Malini.
Stings and Stuff - Die Paddle Move, 21 Card Trick, Cups & Balls.
Now You See it, Now You Dont - Bill Coin Fold, Knife Paddle Move, Houdini.
Psychic Power - Crayon Divination, Book Test, J. Randall Brown.
Spare Change - Coin Into Elbow, Coin Across, Scots Discovery of Witchcraft.
Handy Magic - Traveling Finger Ring, Vanishing Thumb, Robert Houdin.

Jay is a fun, charming, mildly eccentric magical host. He rarely goes over the top. I commend his restraint. There is a nice selection of good tricks for the beginner, and Jay teaches them well. He has a keen awareness of his target audience, and he treats them with respect.

Bridget is smart, cute, talented, and she appears to be at ease in front of the camera. There is a nice chemistry between her and Jay. They play well off each other.

This is a terrific series and a great way to get the younguns interested in magic.

Highly recommended.
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Irving Quant
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Re: Spellz Volume 1 with Jay Sankey

Postby Irving Quant » September 7th, 2008, 10:24 am

Damn, this sounds like a great idea that sells! Kudos to Jay for thinking about this!(if it was he who thought about it). I wonder if he is distributing this to libraries and schools around the world...brilliant :)

Bob Farmer
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Re: Spellz Volume 1 with Jay Sankey

Postby Bob Farmer » September 8th, 2008, 9:08 am

Sankey appears to be the same age as his co-host which is even more magical.

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