Master Coin Routine - a DVD by Chris Priest

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Master Coin Routine - a DVD by Chris Priest

Postby Bill Wells » September 6th, 2008, 8:58 pm

Master Coin Routine by Chris Priest. DVD. $30. 54 Minutes running time. Available from many dealers. Dealers may purchase from Murphys Magic Supplies, Inc. (916) 853-9292 .

Chris Priest is a full time professional from the British Isles and this is a coin routine that he has regularly performed for a number of years. This alone should tell you what to expect from this video. The routine has six phases: a four coin production; Coins across in the hands; one coin furry; coin falling up (muscle pass); coin through pocket; and the production of a jumbo coin. The entire routine is about 5 minutes making it a rather long routine for a restaurant setting such as shown in the video. However, while the different phases of the routine blend well into one another, each is an effect in itself and gives the entertainer the opportunity to end the performance after any phase should the arrival of the main course interrupt the proceedings.

It is refreshing to see this routine being performed under actual (insofar as is possible with a camera looking on) conditions in a restaurant for lay people reacting realistically. Each phase is thoroughly explained individually with no detail or subtlety omitted followed by an actual performance of that phase. This is the format followed by Mr. Priest in both videos of his professional material which I have viewed and I find it to be an excellent approach for an instructional DVD.

This is not a video for beginners as Mr. Priest uses a number of sleights and techniques in the Master Coin Routine including palming, sleeving, and the Muscle Pass. The routine employs standard coin plots and ideas which have been modified to blend into one routine. One could easily modify and reshape portions of the routine to fit their own style and taste. Mr. Priests performance style is engaging and while his technique is not always that smooth, it obviously works with his audiences. You will not learn innovative new coin sleights from this DVD, but you will learn a featured proven routine of a professional close up magician.
Bill Wells

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