Protons - a DVD by Chris Priest

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Protons - a DVD by Chris Priest

Postby Bill Wells » September 6th, 2008, 8:55 pm

Protons by Chris Priest DVD - $30 running time 55 minutes. Available from many dealers. Dealers may purchase from Murphys Magic Supplies, Inc. (916) 853-9292

Protons is a six minute sponge ball routine perhaps best suited for use in restaurant table hopping situations although it can certainly also be performed in other settings. Six minutes is normally long for a table side effect in a restaurant but Protons is a very entertaining routine that flows quickly to an excellent climax. Furthermore, the routine is divided into five phases which offers the possibility of an early ending should the arrival of food necessitate doing so.

Christ Priest is a working professional and this routine is one of the core effects from his working repertoire. The camera shows Christ performing Protons in a real restaurant for real people who obviously are very entertained by the routine which Christ obviously enjoys performing. The inclusion of real life performance is a strong point of this DVD and is a feature that more videos should employ.

Each phase of the routine is thoroughly explained followed by a repeat of the actual performance of that phase. Before one thinks Oh, just another sponge ball routine, the beginning phase of this routine will fool a great many magicians although it uses a prop that many probably have relegated to the magic limbo drawer. The remaining phases are a skillful mix of more familiar sponge ball moves which logically lead to an excellent encore climax that makes brilliant use of a very well known magic device.

A bonus explanation of an optional watch steal during the routine is also included in the video as well as detailed instruction on Mr. Priests Sponge Ball Retention Vanish. Although Chris is obviously successful with his vanish in his performances, I did not feel it was as strong as other published sponge ball vanishes. But then this is not a routine for magicians, it is a proven piece of entertainment by a long established professional in the British Isles.
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