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Postby Dave Egleston » September 6th, 2008, 1:14 pm

Dealers purchase from:

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Phone (916) 853-9292

A selected and signed card ends up between two Lotto cards/bank notes/coupons that has been sitting in view on the table throughout the routine.

The performer/inventor is Mark Southworth and the Manufacturer is Illusioncraft.

The suggested retail - $40.00!!!

This is a single trick DVD that is refreshingly "all meat" Entire video portion is approximately 12 minutes long! Including the performance and the "Thank you for buying this DVD" parts.

Included with the DVD is the gaff, a paper clip and some double sided tape to construct the rest of the gaff.

The trick is well taught and Mr. Southworth also shows us a couple "Bonus Handlings" one of which I believe is superior to his initial presentation.

One of the drawbacks with this trick is the necessity to have the gaff "set" before you start the trick or walk up to your table and though it only takes 2-3 seconds to set the gaff, I can come up with no way to do it in front of the audience without it looking like some kind of contrived unnatural move.

The video quality was fair to good with no annoying camera jitter or unnecessary back ground music while the performer is trying to speak. As with all amateur videographers, the lighting was less than good, but OK, with too much direct lighting on the white cards and white lottery tickets, causing blooming and occasionally smeary images. As I noted at the beginning, Mr. Southworth performs the trick - teaches the trick - recaps - says "Thank you" and fades to black. Personally, I like that.

Most important aspect of this DVD = [color:#CC0000]$40.00!!![/color]!!!??????


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