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Postby Dave Egleston » September 6th, 2008, 2:45 am

Borrow a finger ring and link it to a drink can tab.

This is a 14 minute DVD in which a young man named Kevin Parker explains the trick 2 1/2 times which means the DVD could have been about six minutes long.

The trick isn't terrible though it has some limitations.

The production is the worst since "ELEVATOR" or Larry Jenning's "THOUGHTS ON CARDS".

Mr. Parker is sitting in his dining area in front of a single fixed camera, with both the auto focus and auto exposure control turned on. That means anything that approaches saturation white will "bloom" causing lag and a lack of definition. The reason I mention this is, the top of a soda can (where the magic happens in this case) will be just a big old blob of streaky white.

The cost of this DVD is $17.00 and available at:

I mentioned earlier that this trick isn't terrible but after I messed around with it this evening, I noted that you can only link a smallish ring, my wedding band was about the limit. When I tried my wife's massive wedding ring with all the multiple oversized precious stones - no good! It's possible a reworking of the gaff might work but...........?

Mr Parker looks like he might be a kick to hang with, but his lack of experience in front of the camera is going to give him an undesired standing within the community, he is extremely nervous, ill prepared, humorless and lacking all but the most basic communication skills.

He would benefit from at least a basic written outline from which he could hit the high points of his presentation without stumbling.

This DVD is no more than a YouTube presentation without the production value.


Dealers can buy this from Murphy's magic Supply.


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